The Top 10 Golf Gambling Games (And How to Play) - The ...

What golf betting games do you play with your buddies? I just learned a new one - I’ll post it in the comments.

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Soccer/Golf Betting Podcast- Gold Cup/ USA World Cup, Every Game in MLS- Wednesday 7/3/19

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Predicting the Premier League Table for the 20-21 season using historical seasons from the start of decades

I was creating a comment for Trivia Thursday on the First Division season fifty years ago and it got me thinking - do top level clubs work like werewolves? Do they only get stronger on a yearly rotation, like werewolves are released under a full moon?
To test this galaxy brain theory, I have the perfect subject- the start of a decade season has started in the Premier League, so can I predict the coming Premier League by looking at the football league tables at the start of each decade since the English Football League has begun?
To do this, I had to look through historical data. The problem is the current format of the English Football Leagues begun with the Premier League in the 90's, so comparing historical data is difficult. To do this, I will use golf scores:
If a team finishes 1st in the First Division, they get a score of 1. If there are 20 teams in the First Division, and another team finishes 1st in the Second Division, they get a score of 21. All of those scores added together, divided by the total seasons they have been in the leagues (as Aston Villa, Burnley, Everton, Wolverhampton and West Brom were the only five teams in the 1890-91 season in the current Premier League) gives you a score per season rating. Ranked up, this tells you how powerful a club is at the start of a decade and there's absolutely no external factors that could possibly exist to determine team strength.
League seasons I have included: 1890-91,1900-01,1910-11, 1920-21, 1930-31, 1950-51, 1960-61, 1970-71, 1980-81, 1990-91, 2000-01, 2010-11.
So with this in mind, this is how the Premier League Table will look in 2020-21:
Pos Club Total Score from all seasons Seasons in dataset Score/Season
1 Arsenal 47 10 4.70
2 Manchester United 70 10 7.00
3 Tottenham 73 11 7.30
4 Liverpool 82 11 7.45
5 Everton 130 12 10.83
6 Manchester City 124 11 11.27
7 Aston Villa 145 12 12.08
8 Chelsea 144 10 14.40
9 Newcastle 160 11 14.55
10 West Brom 165 12 14.75
11 Wolverhampton 183 12 15.58
12 Leeds 188 9 20.89
13 West Ham 196 9 21.78
14 Southampton 224 9 24.89
15 Burnley 304 12 25.33
16 Leicester City 285 11 25.91
17 Sheffield United 287 11 26.09
18 Fulham 346 10 34.60
19 Crystal Palace 355 9 39.44
20 Brighton 421 9 46.78
  1. Based on this bulletproof analysis, Arsenal return to the top of the tree for the first time since 2003-04 under the guidance of Arteta. Elneny turns into Prime Zidane, runs the Premier League dry, and Saka gets Young Player of the Year after scoring 25 goals this year.
  2. Manchester United return to second. Donny van de Beek makes a huge difference to the midfield, and Mason Greenwood wins golden boot scoring 47 goals.
  3. José Mourinho guides Tottenham to third. Bale reinvigorates the team and has a brilliant season, including scoring a 30 yard overhead kick against Southampton. Kane injures his ankle again, but Lucas Moura magically grows by a foot and becomes an excellent backup striker.
  4. Liverpool can't keep up the intensity of the previous seasons but still contest Tottenham for third.
  5. Everton make a huge leap forward, following the triple signings of Allan, Doucoure and James Rodriguez. James runs the show hitting double figures in goals and assists, and flights from Bogota to Liverpool increase by 470000% as the nation treats Liverpool like a pilgrimage. Still finish below Liverpool though.
  6. The wheels fall of Pep's passing train. After a rocky season mired with defensive issues and injuries no consistency can be built.
  7. Aston Villa, jubilant after the contract signing of Grealish, go on to charge up the Premier League table cemeting themselves back in the top division. Ollie Watkins is explosive, forming a formidable attacking side with enough defensive rigidity to play an attacking brand of football.
  8. Chelsea have an extremely rough season after a squad revamp. The players don't jel, Werner suffers a serious injury and Havertz causes a storm when it turns out he faked his date of birth and he's actually fifteen.
  9. Newcastle's transfers go to plan with Andy Carroll and Callum Wilson forming a deadly strike partnership. Remarkable is the transformation of Joelinton, who goes from zero to hero, converting into a centre-half and cemeting a powerful back three with Lascelles as captain.
  10. West Brom have a tough start to the year as their dynamic and quick interpassing style is found out in the Premier League. Luckily, Pulis dons his cap, sticks Robson-Kanu and Charlie Austin upfront and shithouses 1-0 wins to solidify West Brom as a force of nature.
  11. Wolverhampton have a season dip finishing in eleventh. They could have finished higher, but they had to forfeit a game against Newcastle 3-0 as they were lose on the way up to the Tyne. Asking for directions from a passerby, they realised nobody on the bus spoke English, and so couldn't get help.
  12. Leeds United make a strong return to the Premier League. Bielsa's football is exciting and one-of-a-kind. Most remarkable is Jean-Kevin Augustin, who manages to score 15 goals after being reluctantly bought by Bielsa following a dispute with RB Leipzig.
  13. West Ham lock in thirteenth following a decent year. Moyes is constantly attacked for his style of play, yet West Ham manage to constantly scrape wins.
  14. Southampton have a below expectation seasons, as Danny Ings suffers an early season injury and the side struggle to find goals.
  15. Burnley's thin squad is rough around Christmas, but in classic Burnley fashion theya re just too resilient to go down.
  16. Leicester have a horrendous season. Brendan Rodgers can't get the team to function as required, and long term injuries to Ndidi and Vardy mean the team struggles to find balance. Sam Allardyce comes in with 7 games left, and manages to drag Leicester out of the relegation zone.
  17. Chris Wilder struggles to get Sheffield United on tune, with none of the striker firing. Second season syndrome hits the club hard, but they manage to stabilise and not fall into the bottom three.
  18. Scott Parker's Fulham start well, but a lack of quality in the squad hits home consistently being outperformed. A late season surge brings them out from the bottom of the table but they just fall short.
  19. Crystal Palace have a rough year - Zaha, Eze, Townsend, Ayew and Batshuayi can't get any attacking consistency and the side just leaks goal. The approach of Marco Silva, returned from the dead, doesn't revive them and a second meme is spawned of Marco Silva looking sad.
  20. Brighton have a rough year - despite starting well, the pass and move idealogy of Potter struggles against rigid defences and the side struggle for goals. A mid season capitulation, in-fighting and downing tools follows, leading to multiple losses and being rooted to the base of the table for the last few game-weeks.
So that's the Premier League this year with unrefutable evidence. Use me for your betting and Fantasy Premier League. But who wins the FA Cup using this decadal theory?
At the start of decades:
tl;dr - Mourinho is taking Tottenham to an F.A. Cup with inarguable evidence.
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I am 53 years old, have a combined $210,000 annual income, live on Long Island, NY, and work as a Project Coordinator

First, I'm sorry this is so long. Second - please be nice. We have debt, bad habits, and are Catholic. So if any of those things are going to get you spun up, just skip this one.
Section One: Assets and Debt Use this section to explain your current financial picture at large.
Everything here is joint – “M” and I have been married 22 years and we’ve had “smashed money” that whole time (and really for about a year before that).
Retirement Balance (and how you got there): Approximately $500,000 in a variety of IRAs and current 401(k)s.
Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment). Bought our house in 2001 for $239,000 with 20% down (some aggressive saving and a gift from each of our parents). We refinanced, took some cash out for some home repairs, and reduced it to a 15-year loan in 2009 – our current equity would be about $195,000, but similar homes in the neighborhood are listed at $475,000-$525,000, so if we ever sell, we’re probably coming out ahead.
Savings account balance: $6,000
Checking account balance: $6,500
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): I hope you’re sitting down. Approximately $40,000. Yes, you read that right. How we accumulated it? The house is 90 years old and constantly falling apart, so we’ve had to charge things that needed to be done (some we wanted to have done, but some – like the time our oil burner stopped working in December – were needs). We had two dogs with numerous medical issues – I don’t want to calculate what they cost me, but they each had surgeries that were about $5,000 (each), plus other chronic and acute medical issues. And yes…for a while, we were doing and buying things we probably shouldn’t have (not bad things, just vacations, clothes, and non-essential home improvements) So…when I’m 100 and greeting people at Wal-Mart, I’ll at least have some good memories. That said, I can’t tell you the last time I used credit – if we can’t afford to pay cash, we don’t do it (and I say that fully realizing most people would feel that I shouldn’t do anything).
Student loan debt (for what degree): None – my husband went to the military and then to work after high school and I went back to community college later in life and paid as I went.
Anything else that's applicable to you: If my ex-husband dies before me, I’ll have about $6,000 in a money market that he must have forgotten about. When we divorced, he was supposed to liquidate all those accounts and give me half. He was an accountant and a SOB, so I never knew exactly what we had, but what I got seemed accurate (it paid for furniture, my wedding to M and part of this house, so I was OK with it). Lo and behold, a couple years ago, I found out we still have this money market account in both names. I tried to find him so we could liquidate/split it, but he’s missing. I get the statements here now, and the good part is he’s older than me, so I’m holding out hope he predeceases me and it will be mine.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for a year and a half, my starting salary was $100,000. I did a salary story with the entire progression – long story short, I’ve made more, and I’ve made less, but this is probably about the average of the last five years.
My husband has been at his job for 14 years – he started there making around $75,000 and now makes $110,000. They usually give him a $10,000 bonus at the end of the year, but are always crying poverty if people ask for a raise. Prior to that, he worked for a company that paid very well and he had a 15-minute commute, but he got out one step ahead of their bankruptcy.
Main Job Monthly Take Home:
Me: $5,152
J: $6,230
Side Gig Monthly Take Home:
M is paid $1,300/month by our parish for serving as Youth Minister.
Any Other Monthly Income: $16.00
I get quarterly dividends on stock I was given when I was born (I may not have been born into money, but apparently my grandparents had friends who thought this was a good baby gift). The last few were around $50, so I divided by 3.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent / Mortgage / HOA fees (please specify how you split it if living with a partner): $3,043, which includes the property taxes and homeowner's insurance
Savings contribution: $500/month without fail (my bank transfers $100 if we get over $500 in, so once each paycheck and once when we put the church check in). More if I feel the savings needs a boost.
Debt payments:
Donations: OK – anyone who isn’t screaming because I owe $40K is going to start now.
Electric: $110
Gas (stove/hot water): $50
Oil: $250/month in the winter
Wifi/Cable: $179
Cellphone: $252 for both of us (I get mine expensed except $26 for my phone payment)
Car payment / insurance: $295/month for my car (leased). My husband is driving a 10-year old car that is paid off. $128/month for auto insurance
Lawn care: $50/month
Commuting: Now that we’re in COVID times, I’ve been buying a 10-trip off peak railroad ticket every five days for $78.75. Pre-COVID, M and I each bought a monthly ticket for $270, and I took the subway most days for an additional $100/month. I fill up the car about once a month (~$36) and M fills his about every other week (~$70/month)
Saturday, September 26, 2020
7:45 am: Up and at ‘em! I get up, get coffee, check emails and social media and start the day.
8:00 am: M leaves the house for a long list of errands, the payment for which will be shown below. I put in a load of laundry and discover…a leak! There is a large pipe between our powder room sink (which I used when I woke up) and the outside world that runs through the basement and is apparently leaking. Yay whee. If you get one thing from this diary, let it be these words of wisdom – don’t buy an old house! No beautiful feature is worth the aggravation! I get the water (I hope it’s water) cleaned up, a load of laundry in, take a shower, do some picking up around the house, get dressed in a Rangers t-shirt and cut off distressed jeans, do my makeup (Olay microsculpting serum and Miracle Blur over the bottom of my face, pink, gray, and violet eyeshadows, a swipe of foundation under my eyes, black eyeliner, black mascara, and dark brown eye pencil. This is standard everyday makeup for me and will be repeated each day. I put volumizing mousse in my hair and blow dry it (also routine).
In the meantime, M gets a haircut ($30 including tip), sets up the video equipment at church, goes to CVS for passport photos that he needs for an application ($18.87), and goes to the religious goods store for a book of the Liturgy of the Hours ($42.31). He is starting formation for the diaconate (the process of becoming a Deacon in the Catholic Church) today, and they said he’ll need that book. He also needs the photos for his application, and he stops at the bank for two money orders – one to send with the background check request and one for his high school transcript ($26). On the way home, he picks up breakfast (brunch?) for us – classic New York BEC, SPK (bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll with salt, pepper and ketchup) for him and egg whites, turkey and swiss cheese on a whole wheat wrap for me ($10.78), as well as cigs for him and vape cartridges for me ($36).
The washing machine isn’t causing any additional leakage, so I move the wash to the dryer and start moving the winter clothes from the portable closet in front of the leaking pipe upstairs (they’re not wet, but we’re going to have to move the closet when the plumber comes).
After eating the egg sandwiches, we get changed for deacon class – I look like a good church lady in black slacks, a black and white flowered shirt with a black tank underneath, and black sandals with a chunky 2.5” heel. M goes with the classic golf shirt and dockers. While we’re getting changed, he mentions he needs new underwear, so I whip out the phone and order him some ($18.64).
6:30 pm: Home from deacon class and Mass and the groceries show up! I ordered them yesterday, but I don’t think the charge went through till today, so here goes. Asparagus, broccoli, celery, bananas, cucumber, lime, grape tomatoes, peaches, carrots, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, frozen burgers, ground turkey, chicken breasts, whole chicken, fried chicken and a pot pie for J’s lunches, yogurt, sugar free pumpkin spice creamer (YES! I’ve been looking for it for weeks!), milk, heavy cream, OJ, k-cups, frozen green beans, cauliflower rice, stuffing mix, microwave rice, cake mix (the good ones were on sale), chicken broth, potato chips, and trash bags. Spent $154.95 including delivery, saved $14.50 (very low for me), tipped the delivery guy $10.
7:00 pm: After putting away all that food, what do we do? If you guessed order dinner, you’d be right! I don’t cook on Saturday unless we’re having company. We order from a new taco place – three each and “Mexican wings”. The wings were meh, but the tacos ranged from good to outstanding. $53.78 including tip. After dinner, M starts post-production of the Mass video and I do some laundry, watch the NASCAR race and the hockey game, and play games on my iPad. Remember, you’ll be old someday too!
11:00 pm: I go to the basement to pick up laundry and remember I wanted to order a new garden flag (this isn’t as random as it sounds – all my seasonal decorations are stored in the basement). I have had a cart set up for days with two garden flags ($6.99 each) and four magnetic mailbox covers for my parents for Christmas ($11.99 each) – they’ve talked about having a different one for each season, and I saw them when I was looking for a garden flag. Total with tax and free shipping: $61.94. I love Christmas and generally spend way too much on gifts so I’m trying to start shopping before December and at least spread out the pain. We went to a crafts fair a few weeks ago and I picked up a few things and now I’ve got this done – go me!!
12:30 pm: The hockey game is over (2 OT!) and I go to bed. M is napping waiting for his video production to finish.
Daily Total: $463.27
Sunday, September 27
7:00 am: The alarm goes off – ugh. It’s the first day of Religious Ed (virtual, but I have to do a 9:45 zoom with my 4th graders). Coffee, social media, shower, dress, makeup. Put on a black eyelet dress because we’re going back to church today so M can videotape First Communion. Do the usual makeup/hair thing.
10:30 am: My 4th graders are great and we’re ready to roll (M has on a shirt and tie in honor of the First Communion), and we’re off to Mass. Drop off the food I bought for our food pantry last week and help him video. Of course, the kids are adorable!
12:00 noon: We’re starving after church, so we stop at our favorite local pizza place on the way home. Get a variety of slices for $22.62, including a tip (we’re getting it to go, but I’m tipping everywhere, because I know restaurants have been hurt badly by the pandemic. These folks are in NYC and still haven’t opened inside dining.)
1:30 pm: Ate, ran more laundry, changed into the jeans I wore yesterday and a Yankees t-shirt and call the nail place. Of all my expenses, nails are probably the most non-negotiable – I’ve been getting my nails done for 40 years, and when I couldn’t do so during the lockdown, I was miserable. They can take me right away, which makes me happy.
3:00 pm: All 20 nails done – gel on the fingers and a regular pedicure with callus removal ($75 plus $15 tip = $90). I went with an autumn theme and got copper on the fingers and bronze toes – the nail polish looked in the jar like it would match the toes, but it doesn’t. Stop at CVS for eye cream (Olay for tired eyes) and mascara (L’Oreal Voluminous) - $27 with coupons. M asked me to pick up cigs on the way home, so I do, as well as vape cartridges, which I don’t technically need yet, but it will save a trip later in the week ($36).
3:30 pm: While at the nail place, I saw that one of our favorite local restaurants had a fire, which consumed an entire block of restaurants and small businesses. The Chamber of Commerce is doing a GoFundMe, and I donate $25 to the cause - $28.75 including the charge. I also notice that the weekly charge for my church donation went through ($75).
11:30 pm: Took a quick nap (the highlight of my week every week), put some fall decorations out, had our family Zoom call, laundry, got the end of the winter clothes moved upstairs, had dinner (roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus), made an apple crisp (I’m not a huge dessert person but M is and I like making desserts, so it works), watched baseball, football, the NASCAR race, and basketball, and took a quick shower. Bring a Light & Fit Toasted Coconut Vanilla yogurt (the best!) to bed, finish my book (“Next Stop, Chancey”) and find the next in the series on my iPad – I’ve read them all before, but I’m in the mood for something cozy, especially after reading about the Current Occupant’s taxes – ugh!) , and turn off the lights around midnight.
Daily Total: $279.37
Monday, September 28
6:45 am: I work from home M/W/F and so I can sleep in. Relatively speaking, anyway. Get dressed in a sleeveless top and shorts (despite the fall decorations, fall nails, and roast chicken/apple crisp, it feels rather summery out there), do makeup, have some coffee and scroll through emails/socials, move yet another load of laundry (I’m trying to get it all done before the plumber comes), find the number for the plumber and give it to M to call, get the trash out, and boil some eggs for breakfast this week. I’m sitting in front of the computer by 8:15, which is ok (technically, my hours are 8:30-5:30 – it’s usually more like 8:30-6:00, and on WFH days, starting at 7:30 is not unheard of). M drops off the car at the shop – I think I forgot to mention this, but he mentioned yesterday that when he was driving around Saturday, there was a grinding noise when he backed up. More joy to come, I’m sure.
9:45 am: I hear M on the phone with the garage – apparently, they can get a used part and do the job for $450. Not great, but it’s better than it might have been! He works from home basically every day except when he has to see customers, but thankfully we’re separated enough that we can hear each other but it’s not intrusive.
10:30 am: Between cursing at people on the phone, M calls the plumber and I grab some cheese and more coffee! I’d tell you about my job, but honestly, it’s not worth talking about. Basically, I go to meetings, take notes on meetings, and send follow-ups (I do other things, but that’s most of it). When I get off my 11:00 am meeting, I’ll find out when the plumber is coming. You guys are getting a much more exciting week than I expected!
12:30 pm: What a miserable day – it seems like everyone is annoyed! Take a break to eat a slice of leftover pizza and a Diet Coke (M finishes some rotisserie chicken from last week). He says the plumber may come today to look at the situation but can’t do the work till tomorrow.
6:00 pm: Keep my head down and get some work done in the afternoon and knock off for the day. Run downstairs and make dinner – “tacos” with strips of beef grilled with Korean barbecue sauce, shredded cabbage, cheddar cheese, pineapple salsa, cucumber slices, and lime inside warmed tortillas. Delicious, if I say so myself!
7:30 pm: I get on a Zoom faith sharing meeting and M gets on a Zoom religious ed class.
11:59 pm: Contemplated Sunday’s Gospel with my small group, watched Tampa Bay win the Stanley Cup, took a shower and set clothes out for tomorrow, and off to bed. M picked up the car after Religious Ed.
Daily Total: $450.00
Tuesday, September 29
5:45 am: Ugh. Up and out – I’m wearing a green dress with a black jacket and have black slingbacks in my bag. I have to walk 30 short blocks and five long blocks once I get off the train, so I’m traveling light. I used to take the subway to my office, but since COVID, I try to limit that as much as possible.
7:45 am: Off the railroad and walk uptown. I actually don’t mind the walk, because when I WFH, I walk very little – at the beginning of the lockdown, I had a nice walking routine, but lately the work seems to start the minute I wake up, so walking to work takes care of getting in those STEPS! I forgot my boiled eggs and I’m starving, so I end up buying an egg sandwich. $5.43
12:30 pm: Because I only go to the city twice a week and I have to walk uptown with all my work stuff, I don’t bring lunch often (pre-pandemic, I used to bring breakfast and lunch every day, but I also took the subway). Decide to run to Pret and my boss and co-worker both ask me to pick something up. Of course, no one (including me) has anything but a $20, so they both say they’ll get me next time. I get my favorite chicken parm wrap and a Diet Coke. $32
12:45 pm: I look at my personal email and discover that J’s car registration needs to be renewed. Hop on the DMV website and take care of that. $158.50. I also realize I never took out the sausages for tonight’s dinner and call M to ask him to do so. He mentions the plumber has still not shown up.
5:45 pm: Leave a little early to get to the Fed Ex office and make my train home. I’m a little later than I’d like to be and it’s raining, so I get the subway, which is thankfully empty, reasonably clean, and quick. $2.75
7:15 pm: M picks me up at the train station and mentions that he was so busy working that he didn’t take the sausages out. He asks me what I want to eat and we end up at Wendy’s. Cheeseburger, fries, and (surprise, surprise) a Diet Coke. He gets the same thing, but bigger. $19.75
11:30 pm: Avoid the debate by watching the Yankees pound the Indians. Usual routine (plus ironing a shirt for J, because he has to go to a customer tomorrow) and off to sleep. I’m up to Book 3 in the Chancey series, for those keeping score.
Daily Total: $218.43
Wednesday, September 29
5:30 am: Double ugh. Woke up to use the bathroom and couldn’t get back to sleep, so here we are. Get dressed (long-sleeved Yankees t-shirt, straight leg jeans), do the face, have some coffee, and try to avoid the fact that my boss sent me an email at 11:00 pm last night looking for changes to a document, which I said I would do today. Get the trash out, pick up a little around the house, and get to work by 7:00. OH, and despite the lack of plumber and his lack of general motivation, M moved the plastic closet…in front of the washing machine! Glad I bought him underwear, because I won’t be doing laundry any time soon. Now I’m wondering if he looked at the menu (I am an obsessive meal planner and post it on the fridge weekly) and that’s why he didn’t take the sausages out – he’s avoiding zoodles! He can run but he can’t hide – I have zucchini and I’m going to spiralize it sooner or later!
8:00 am: The document my boss needed is out, the agenda for our 9:00 am meeting is done, the morning emails are sorted (for now), and I got a link to our parish survey up on the Facebook page, so I make an egg and cheese on a tortilla and eat at my desk.
12:50 pm: Wednesday is conference call hell – I have recurring calls every Wednesday at 9:00, 10:30, and 11:30, and the added fun today of a 10:00. There’s also a webinar every Wednesday that I try to tune into. Grab some chips and a Diet Coke and go check it out.
2:15 pm: Still no damn plumber, but I’ll let M worry about that when he’s home tomorrow. My garden flags arrived, so that’s good. Hoping to get out and put the pumpkin one out before it gets dark, but the way today is going, that might not actually happen. However, I realize I never put dinner in the crockpot. Luckily, it only takes 3-4 hours on high, so I take care of that. It’s Tuscan Chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. By 2:30, I’m back at my desk with another Diet Coke and hard at it. Nightmares of rescheduling meetings, missing documents, etc.
6:45 pm: Still at my desk! OK, I took some time to send an email to the parish webmaster about the survey, update this, and read the R29 money diary of the day. But overall, I’ve been working with no apparent end in sight – I could easily be here all night, but I won’t be because (a) I’m falling asleep at my desk and (b) I have a 7:30 Religious Ed teachers meeting. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep during that. Make a list of things for my boss and I to review tomorrow and finish prepping dinner.
7:15 pm: Dinner was delicious – we had the chicken with rice for M and cauliflower rice for me, sautéed broccoli, and a basic salad (bagged spring mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumber). Now off to Zoom!
11:45 pm: The Yankees game is still on, but I’m showered, my clothes are set out for tomorrow, and I’m fading. Turn off the light and hope for a win.
Daily Total: $0.00 (bet you didn’t see that coming!)
Thursday, October 1
5:45 am: You know it…ugh. Get up, coffee, very quick scroll through the Yankees score/e-mail/social media. Get dressed in a black v-neck sweater, black and gray plaid skirt, and black jacket (not the same one I wore the other day). Am grateful the skirt fits – I gained some weight and am trying to resist buying clothes. Make sure I have the right shoes in my bag – I’m wearing high-heeled gray suede Mary Janes today.
8:15 am: At my desk and ready to go – I remembered to bring 2 hard-boiled eggs today, which I eat with coffee while looking through emails.
12:30 pm: Call after call after call, but I have a half-hour to eat. Run to the fancy buffet place that just re-opened for 2 meatballs, brussels sprouts, broccoli, salad, and the inevitable Diet Coke ($15.75). Manage to eat before my 1:00 pm call – go me!
3:30 pm: Leave to go to a job site and pick something up that has to be shipped to Italy. Something that's almost as tall as me, but thankfully not heavy. Taxi down there because I’m in a hurry and I can get reimbursed ($14.04, including tip), expensed.
4:00 pm: I get a cab to the Fed Ex office – thankfully the first one I see is a minivan, so I fit in just fine ($12.74, including tip), expensed.
5:30 pm: Well, that was harder than it needed to be – the Fed Ex office I went to didn’t have a box that would fit the item, so they suggested another Fed Ex office about 6 blocks away, so I had to walk through midtown Manhattan carrying an object almost as tall as me (it's 5' long and I'm 5'3" tall) while dodging oblivious people. Thankfully, the other office had my box, and they were super-sweet and helpful, but it took them forever to get it done. Bought the box and bubble wrap, which will be expensed (I brought the Fed Ex label, but I don’t remember the account number) ($43.54). Get a nice early train home, though!
6:45 pm: Wow, we’re eating when I’m usually getting the train! Cheeseburgers, tots (tater for J, cauliflower for me), green beans, and vinegar coleslaw with the end of the shredded cabbage. Get the kitchen cleaned and the dishwasher run and settle in to watch the Jets – I’m not holding out much hope, but you never know!
11:30 pm: I’ve showered, set out clothes for me and M (he’s seeing customers tomorrow), I prepped for Youth Group, which I’m leading because he’ll be working, and the Jets are winning, so I decide it’s time to sleep. Up to Book 5 of the Chancey series. I find series usually go downhill after about the third or fourth book, but I’m not sure what I feel like reading, so here we are. OH, at some point M must have gone to the convenience store, because there are vape cartridges on the table ($36).
Daily Total: $122.07; $70.32 expensed
Friday, October 02, 2020
6:00 am: Wake up, grab coffee, find out the Jets lost after all, do the morning e-mail/social media scroll. Leaving early to deal with that work errand has left me with a ton of stuff to do, so I get dressed (long-sleeved v-neck gray t-shirt, white tank because the v-neck is halfway to my belly button, dark wash skinny jeans), put out the trash, peel two hard-boiled eggs, and head to my desk.
12:30 pm: As always, call after call after call. Plus a bit of aggravation when my boss asks me at 10:30 for an agenda for the 11:00 call, which I sent him at about 7:30, and which he returns at 10:59 with the formatting looking like nothing on earth. Yay whee! And a project was mentioned that he forgot to tell me I’d do. So in case I thought I’d have nothing to do (that never happens on Fridays), that’s not happening. Anyway, between calls, I run downstairs for the lunch of champions – a Hot Pocket and a Diet Coke. Just that kind of day.
6:15 pm: Realize I have to run Youth Group at 7 and I haven’t even done my haimakeup. Get that done, heat up some frozen cauliflower rice/broccoli/cheese combination and add some leftover chicken. With a green salad on the side, surprisingly yummy.
8:15 pm: I am not a good youth leader…couldn’t get anyone talking about the subject of the day, which I thought would be a good one. I did make them laugh a few times, so that’s something.
M is going to have some expenses because he went to see customers today, but I don’t know what they are and his company will reimburse him, so I’m just leaving them out.
Daily Total: $0.00
This is the Week That Was:
Food + Drink: $326.06
Fun / Entertainment: $108 (if people can put drugs in as entertainment, I’m putting our nicotine in)
Home + Health: $61.94
Clothes + Beauty: $165.64
Transport: $638.03 (some of it will be expensed)
Other: $234.47
Lastly, reflect on your diary! How do you feel about your spending? Was this a normal week for you? Has this inspired you to make changes or has it given you a “wow I’m doing pretty good” confidence boost? Is there anything you’re actively working on? No need to answer any or all these questions but just use this space to write any thoughts you have!
This was a fairly normal week except for the car breaking and needing to be registered – we're saving some now that we WFH more because M will not bring food from home, but I used to bring breakfast and lunch at least four days a week. I know we should make changes, but I also know we don’t want to – honestly, if you looked at the way I lived 15 years ago, I’ve made a lot of changes already. We’re working on the credit cards – I’ve gotten rid of several already (paid off, not just moved balances around) and we don’t use them at all anymore (I can honestly say I don’t remember the last thing I charged). The bad news is that M’s car is on its last legs, and so I see car payments in our future. Hopefully, he’ll get something used – we have my car when we want to look good going somewhere (mine isn’t super-fancy, it just wasn’t hit by a bus and full of stuff for his job).
OH, and the plumber still hasn’t shown up! But that will be for next week’s expenses.
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Nintendo's missing franchises and their chances of coming to Switch (long read)

“I want X for Switch”, “when is X coming to the Switch”, “X is perfect for the Switch!” How often have you heard or said these sentences? Quite a lot, probably, especially about Nintendo franchises. Nintendo fans really like first-party games, and they’re always asking for their favorites to come back. Problem is, even though Nintendo owns dozens of franchises, there’s only a few that are guaranteed to show up during any given console, so fans of smaller franchises are left wondering when they’ll play them again.
Well, today I’ll try to mostly answer these questions. I’ll take a look at several, Nintendo-owned franchises and try to figure out what are their chances of coming to Switch. I’ll be basing myself on this such as release schedule, success of previous entries, popular demand, market niche and internal interest at Nintendo.
However, keep in mind two things. One: Nintendo owns a shit-ton of IPs, and I won’t cover them all. I’ll focus on the ones that have multiple entries, and even then, I might skip a few if I feel I have no meaningful insight.
And two: No matter what I or anyone else says, the chances for any of these games to come back is NOT ZERO. Nintendo is unpredictable and they’ll sometimes bring something out of the blue when you least expect it. This year alone we saw the return of Brain Age (a franchise not seen since 2012), Clubhouse Games (a sequel to a game from 2005), and Famicom Detective Club, a franchise with two games from 1988/89, which then received a remake in 1998 and then nothing until twenty two years later. Granted, it’s another remake, but it is still a modern installment in a franchise twenty two years dormant. If Famicom Detective Club can come back in 2020, so can your favorite franchise. Now, let’s begin, in alphabetical order:
Art Academy
Starting off with a small one. Art Academy is a series of drawing games that started on the DS in 2010 and then released pretty consistently over the following years, with three entries on 3DS and two (well, one and a half) for the WiiU between 2010 and 2016. Already this feels like a franchise with a pretty consistent release schedule, even though it hasn’t been seen for four years now. I don’t think any of the games were blockbusters, per se, but they also don’t need to be. They’re small games, probably inexpensive to produce that seem to do consistently well enough to get new sequels.
There are several obstacles that present themselves to the release of a new Art Academy, but I think all of them are easily overcome. For starters, AA is the type of casual game that thrived during the DS/Wii eras, a Touch Generations game. Since the Switch released, many have noted that Nintendo may want to distance themselves from that era due to the failure of the WiiU, and there may be some truth to that, but I feel like this is starting to change. Again, this year saw the return of both Brain Age and Clubhouse Games, both casual, Touch Generations DS games. I feel like, at the start of the Switch’s life cycle, Nintendo was indeed trying to focus on core gamers, but now that they have secured that core gamer audience, they may be more comfortable releasing more casual fare.
Furthermore Art Academy is developed by Headstrong Games, a British developer that doesn’t seem to do much other than AA. However, in 2017, that team was absorbed into its parent studio, Kuju Games. This move, which happened the year after the last AA game released, may have something to do with the franchsie’s MIA status. But, Kuju games is still active, having released a game just last year, and I don’t see why they couldn’t take up the mantle.
Finally, some speculated a few years ago that AA was dead due to the Switch not having a stylus but, OH WAIT, Brain Age fixed that too!
All in all, even though Art Academy is hardly a hot franchise, there’s very little standing in the way of its return, and little reason to doubt that it will.
Chances: Good
We may have started on a positive note, but here comes a downer. Chibi-Robo is probably not coming back anytime soon. This cute little robot debuted in his self-titled Game Cube game, developed by Skip Ltd. Like most games by the developer, it was quirky and fun, and not very popular, but had its fans, and Chibi-Robo must have endeared someone at Nintendo, because he kept showing up here and there. He got two DS sequels, though the second one was Japan-only, already a red flag. In 2013, he starred in a 3DS eshop game that was very different from the main games, more of an experimental spin-off, and was not well-received.
But the real final nail came in 2015, with Chibi-Robo Zip Lash! The game was announced to be a 2D platformer, and many fans identified the change in genre (from a unique adventure game to one of the most over-saturated genres in Nintendo consoles) as a total sell-out, and they were totally correct! The developers basically admitted that they did it to try and get more players (red flag). Series producer Kensuke Tanabe then said that if the game didn’t sell well, it could be the end of the franchise (RED FLAG). And then, the unfortunate but inevitable happened. Zip Lash was a critical and commercial bomb, and neither the developer nor the franchise has been seen again. Aside from the inevitable Smash Bros mentions, Chibi-Robo has only been seen on that infamous flaming tweet from 2018 (I told you someone at Nintendo really likes them). To make matters worse, there are increasing signs that Skip Ltd may be going under
So, a struggling franchise makes a desperate move to gain fans, a developer expresses concerns for its future if the game bombs, said game bombs and now the developer may be going out of business? It seems the writing is on the wall.
Now, even if Skip goes under, that is not necessarily the end of Chibi. Nintendo would still retain the rights, as they did for Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk after developer Cing went under. As for whether or not Nintendo would want to give the franchise a second (third? Fourth?) chance, it doesn’t look good
Chances: Very bad
Custom Robo
From one diminutive robot to another, the Custom Robo series is and robo-battle series that began on the N64. It was Japan only, as was its N64 and GBA sequels. Afterwards, Nintendo did try to expand it, releasing a GameCube game in NA, and a DS game in NA and Europe. However, despite the fact that players of these games will attest to how good these games are, they didn’t seem to do very well, and the franchise has not been seen since 2007.
There was one statement of internal interest, when a developer in 2014 said that he heard demands both inside and outside the company for a new entry, but that there were no plans for one, and he was unsure when there would be. Six years on, it seems there still aren’t. In fact, the developer itself, Noise, is also strangely MIA. Though they are officially still active, with their website being updated for 2020, they have not worked on a game since 2015.
Then, in 2018, many fans watched in horror the news that Nintendo let the trademark expire. Some have pointed out that this isn’t as bad as it seems, as it refers specifically to games on optical discs, which Nintendo doesn’t make anymore, but I don’t know enough about the subject to say for certain. Regardless, it’s evident that Nintendo still owns the franchise, as Custom Robo content appears in Smash Ultimate.
On the other hand, one of the series creators, Kohji Kendoh, is still thinking about it. He is working for another developer, and released a suspiciously similar game called Synaptic Drive just this year, as well as talking about Custom Robo in social media. It seems like a Mighty no9/ Yooka-Laylee/Bloodstained situation, in which the owner of an Ip is not using it, so the creator releases a spiritual successor.
Bottom line, there seems to be demand for Custom Robo. A developer saw it six years ago, and the creator is seeing it now. Whether or not thinks this demand is enough to revive the franchise, is tough to say, but doesn’t look great.
Not as bad as Chibi-Robo, though
Chances: Bad
Daigasso! Band Brothers
Here’s a franchise Americans never got. Daigasso! Band Brother is a rhythm game released for the DS in 2004 and stars Barbara the Bat, who has an uncharacteristically risqué design for Nintendo. The game was Japan-only but seems to have been successful, it received a sequel in 2009 (released in Europe, but not NA), and another in 2013 for the 3DS. Despite not having received new games since then, the series is far from inactive. Barbara the Bat in particular, like Chibi-Robo, seems to have fans inside Nintendo because she pops up everywhere. She had cameos in a few other DS games, she was an AT in Brawl and a spirit in Ultimate, she was a costume in Mario Maker, she appeared in a comic strip with WarioWare’s Ashley, and the series has a Twitter account that was super active all the way up to April of this year (more on that later). In 2017, that account even tweeted a comic strip of Barbara demanding a Switch. That was probably not a tease of anything, as it’s been 3 years and nothing, but stuff has happened with the franchise even more recently.
Last year, in 2019, six years after the release of the 3DS game, there were 30 songs added to the game in celebration of the series 15th anniversary. So as late as last year, Nintendo was celebrating this franchise with an in-game event. Now, the servers for the game were shut down earlier this year (hence the end of the Twitter account), and the game was removed from the eshop (as it is basically pointless without the servers), but with recent news that the 3DS has ceased production, it’s pretty clear that the game’s end is a consequence of the 3DS’ end, and not a lack of players. So if the series is alive, but can’t be on the 3DS, it has to go somewhere, no? Bottom line: the games are successful, the series is active, and the character is popular. I don’t know if Barbara the Bat’s next tour will be an international one, but I’m confident it will happen
Chances: Very Good
Dillon’s Rolling Western
DRW is a unique western-themed tower defense game released on the 3DS eshop in 2012. It received mixed reviews, but had a dedicated fanbase, and was successful enough to spawn two sequels, one in 2013, and a post-apocalyptic themed one in 2018. With a game having released just two years ago, its reasonable to say the series is not dormant, so the prospect of a new game is always likely. The developer, Vanpool, who mostly works on smaller scale stuff like this, is both still active and still working at Nintendo.
So, really the only reason to believe the series wouldn’t continue would be if the latest game bombed really hard. It’s hard to say that it did, as sales figures are unavailable, but it was a 3DS game in 2018, probably didn’t set the charts on fire. But then again, unless Nintendo had some really unrealistically high expectations, I don’t think it could have bombed hard enough to kill the franchise that fast.
There’s not much more to say. There aren’t any rumblings of a return, but also no reason to be pessimistic.
Chance: Above Average
Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There will not be a Mother 4
The Creator of the series, Shigesato Itoi, has said that he would not work on a fourth installment, as he feels the story is complete. Now, normally, Nintendo could just say “screw creative integrity, let’s make a fourth game anyway!” but Shigesato Itoi directly co-owns the series’ copyright so they actually can’t. So unless Itoi changes his mind, or he dies and Nintendo decides to ignore his wishes (neither scenario is completely outside the realm of possibility), Mother 4 is not happening.
So, if new Mother content is made, it’d be either a remake, or Mother 3 localization. We all know demand for this last one is overwhelming, Nintendo themselves have acknowledged it multiple times, but it still hasn’t happened, and it doesn’t seem things have changed. A remake is possible, but don’t hold your breath for it.
Despite the series’ popularity, I think all we’ll see of it is the first two games in NSO.
Chances: Bad
This is a hard one to pinpoint. Excitebike is one of those classic NES games that Nintendo likes to reference all the time, like Ice Climber, Balloon Fight, Wrecking Crew and Duck Hunt. Unlike those, Excitebike actually received sequels and established a franchised. There was a great entry on the N64 and three entries on the Wii, but nothing more since. I can’t imagine the Wii entries were super successful, and there really hasn’t been any word from Nintendo about any interest in reviving the series, either from developers, or the fans. The developer of the Wii games, Monster Games, is still active, and still makes racing games and extreme sports games, but hasn’t worked with Nintendo in 5 years.
Now, one point I see often, and that I’d like to address, is the idea that Nintendo doesn’t want multiple games from the same genre on the same console. I can’t agree. With the exception of the WiiU, every Nintendo home console since the SNES has had multiple Nintendo-published racing games released for it. WiiU didn’t but that console is an exception to many norms. I don’t see why Mario Kart, behemoth that it is, would stop any other racing game from being made, especially when they are so very different (although the fact that MK8 has an Excitebike track doesn’t inspire confidence).
No, I don’t think Mario Kart is the problem, I think is just lack of interest. And though Excitebike is not a franchise Nintendo will ever truly forget, it’s not really revving up for a comeback either. It could happen, it could not
Chances: Medium
Fatal Frame
This horror franchise wasn’t originally a Nintendo product, being released on the PS2 by Tecmo. However, since the fourth game, each title in the series has been published and copyrighted by Nintendo, and this seemingly applies to all future entries, as the series producer said the series’ future is up to Nintendo. So, how does that future look like?
Well, the last game in the series, Maiden of Black Water, was a WiiU game, which means it didn’t sell well, but not as badly as you might think. From all I could find, which is admittedly not much, sales for the game seemed to be only slightly less than previous entries, a gap more than explainable by its console. So, if the series was getting sequels before, the WiiU game’s sales wouldn’t be the reason why there wouldn’t be more. And though Nintendo of America has had to take baby steps into accepting the franchise overseas, Nintendo of Japan seemed satisfied with it, releasing four games between 2008 and 2014.
So sales aren’t an evident problem, what about the developer? That developer is Tecmo Koei, who is not only active and buddies with Nintendo, their current project is none other than Nintendo’s big holiday title. There’s obvious trust there. As for interest, there is a lot. From Koei Tecmo calling it a valuable IP, to the series producer stating multiple times, including this year, that he’d like to bring it to the Switch
Now, this comment pretty much confirms that a new Fatal Frame is not in development as of now, but it has a chance of happening. And remember, the last game is on WiiU, and if we know anything about those, is that they like to come to Switch. And though I don’t see Nintendo breaking their necks to make a new entry, I don’t think they’d oppose it if Tecmo pitches it to them, especially if it’s just a port.
Chances: Good
Fossil Fighters
This game is not Pokémon, or so its fans tell me. Fossil Fighters is a DS game from 2008 where you collect various species of dinosaur and battle with other ~Dinosaur Trainers~ Fossil Fighters in RPG battles. It didn’t receive great reviews, but was successful enough to get a sequel two years later, and another one on the 3DS in 2014. Three games in six years is a pretty good release schedule, and things were looking alright, until that 3DS game came. It was primarily developed by a different studio, and it showed. The game received abysmal reviews, and fan reception was similar. Sales weren’t awful, but not great either.
Since then, the series has been completely quiet. The developer, Red Entertainment, is still active, but hasn’t worked with Nintendo since the 3DS game. As for interest, there hasn’t been a peep from Nintendo about this series at all. No interviews describing vague interest in bringing it bad, no acknowledgment of fan demand, no cameos in other games (aside from Smash, which doesn’t count, Smash has everything). Even fan demand doesn’t seem too high, most of what I’ve seen is a petition which has been up for a year and has not reached its 2500 signatures goal.
It looks like this series could become a fossil itself. Someday some might dig it up and revive it to use in battle, but I’m not feeling it.
Still not as bad as Chibi-Robo
Chances: Bad
This is the reason you’re reading this.
Oh, F-Zero. If fan demand alone was the deciding factor, F-Zero would be top priority. People want F-Zero, people beg for F-zero, people who have never played, beg for F-Zero. And Nintendo knows this, they’ve acknowledged it. They themselves haven’t forgotten it. Even putting Smash aside, there was an F-Zero minigame in Nintendo Land. There are F-Zero tracks in Mario Kart. They’ve done everything but make a new F-Zero game, but why the hell not?
Well, it’s important to understand that the F-Zero series declined in sales throughout its life. The best-selling game is still the first, and though the following games were fantastic, they sold less and less, and yet, strangely enough, between 2003-2004, Nintendo released THREE F-Zero games. Around the same time, they also released an anime. There are several great articles and videos about what happened to F-Zero, but the best point I’ve seen is that Nintendo tried, in 2003, to really push F-Zero, but it didn’t work. So, with their attempt failed, they let the series sleep, and just never woke it up, even as fan demand increased.
In 2015, Miyamoto commented on the series, and said that, though he heard the demand, he was unsure on what to do with the series, on how to make a new game. Many fans scoffed and said he’d just need to make a modern F-Zero and that’d be great, but I think internal concern runs deeper. Just doing F-Zero failed in 2003, so why would it work now?
That said, I think there is hope. Fan demand is powerful, and more and more we see a new generation of Nintendo developers pushing the company forward. These younger developers are the ones behind new IP like Splatoon and ARMS, and great reinventions of existing ones like Odyssey and BotW. It’s possible that these same younger developers could hear the fan demand, and want to take on the series without the hesitation of their older peers.
It’s been 16 years, but Kid Icarus was gone for 19, wasn’t it?
Stranger things have happened
Chances: I want to believe
Golden Sun
And here’s the other one.
Few Nintendo fans are as vocal and dedicated to their dormant franchise as Golden Sun games. For those who don’t know, Golden Sun was a couple of excellent GBA RPGs released in 2001 and 2002, with a DS sequel in 2010. Such erratic release schedule would make predicting the series’ future difficult at the best of times, but the DS game was seen as a disappointment by many fans and sales were unimpressive. With ten years having passed with no new game, is the series done for? Well, let’s look at it.
In 2012, one of the developers gave an interview in which he straight up said that, if there was fan demand for it, there would “naturally” be a fourth game. We know that developer interview doesn’t immediately guarantee a sequel, but this is also a much more positive statement than Custom Robo and F-Zero’s “We know there’s demand, but we don’t know what to do with it”. This is “If there’s demand, it will happen.” So, is there demand?
You bet your ass there is. And it feels like it is growing. There was a high-profile hoax about a fourth game in 2017 (a similar hoax happened some time before the third game, by the way). The series received notably more content in Smash Ultimate than series of similar standing (quite possibly an acknowledgment of its popularity). And last year, Cory Balrog, director of 2018’s GOTY God of War, tweeted about all the franchises he would trade for a new Golden Sun. Nintendo could hardly have asked for a higher profile endorsement within the industry.
So if fan demand is there, why hasn’t it happened yet? Well, it helps to look at the development history of the series. The first game took eighteen months to develop, considered a long time for a handheld game at the time. And though the eight years between the GBA and DS games may have you believe it took a long time to greenlight a sequel, that’s not the case. Signs point to internal discussion about a sequel to the GBA games as early as 2002, with developers quoted as saying that Nintendo was asking them to make a new one. One of the series producers also said that the series takes a long time to make because of its complexity. After the DS game failed to meet expectations, its understandable that Nintendo may not have been as enthusiastic for a new game as it was before, but it seems like, even if the series is alive and well, the long hiatus would not be uncharacteristic. In that same interview quoted before, the developer even said that a new game would take a long time. In fact, if GS4 had started development shortly after that interview, if it took as long as Dark Dawn, the game would be wrapping up production around now.
Then there’s the developer, Camelot. Aside from Golden Sun, they pretty much only make Mario Tennis and Mario Golf. They release schedule is also super consistent, with a new game every other year, sometimes every year. We already got a Mario Tennis on Switch two years ago so, if not for COVID, their new game would probably have released this year. All things point, then, for the next Camelot game to hit the Switch next year. Smart money would be in Mario Golf, but maybe it is finally Golden Sun.
Finally, I don’t think, as others do, that Xenoblade is the reason GS is not happening. Again, I don’t see evidence to support the idea that Nintendo doesn’t want to publish more than one game in the same genre. Both the GBA and DS had more than a dozen Nintendo-published RPGs, and the Wii and 3DS got RPGs even after Xenoblade released for them. I don’t see why Xenoblade would stop a Switch Golden Sun, especially when they are very different kinds of RPGs. GS is actually closer to Octopath Traveler, whose success was enough to impress SE, why wouldn’t Nintendo want a piece?
Really, I think the biggest obstacle is that Nintendo might want to prioritize the safe investment of Mario sports games over Golden Sun, but the more I research, the more I feel like GS’s chances are higher now than they were at any point in the last ten years.
I feel there’s hope this sun will rise again
Chances: Above average
Kid Icarus
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Kid Icarus was an OK NES game that had a forgotten Game Boy sequel and then nobody cared about it for 19 years until it was unexpectedly revived for the 3DS in 2012. This story is a testament to the fact that, just because its been a long time, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. But in order to know if it will happen again, let’s understand how it happened in the first place.
It’s important to mention that reviving Kid Icarus was not the intent behind KI: Uprising, it was the idea of its director, Masahiro Sakurai. Nintendo had given him a project and Sakurai decided to use an established franchise for it. He briefly considered Star Fox, but decided to use Kid Icarus, for which he probably had a soft spot, considering he had added Pit to Brawl some years earlier. So, there wasn’t an exec at Nintendo who woke up one day and decided to bring Kid Icarus back, they gave the director a project, and, after some deliberation, he decided to use Kid Icarus for it.
That director is currently busy developing Smash Bros DLC, but even after that’s over, he probably won’t revisit Kid Icarus. He has shot down the idea of him working on a sequel or a port. His words were: "For now, my thought is that perhaps we'll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years." Yikes. That’s pretty damning. Sure, Nintendo could get someone else to make the game, but if it was only Sakurai that was interested in the series in the first place, what is the hope of that?
Well, that statement is not super accurate. Before Uprising, there was actually a Kid Icarus reboot in development for the Wii. It was cancelled, and thank God for it, as it was an awfully stupid gritty reboot, but it showed that there was interest in the franchise even before Uprising. Naturally, you’d expect interest to be bigger now than before.
The fact that Uprising not only grew the series’ fanbase, but the that there are Kid Icarus characters in Smash Bros, means that the franchise has a permanent place in the interest in Nintendo fans. Smash in particular means that there are 18 million people who know Pit and Palutena and would turn their heads if a new game was announced. Furthermore, Nintendo’s new CEO is interested in bringing 3DS franchises to the Switch after the success of the Switch Lite, especially now that the 3DS is officially dead, so the opening is there for it.
There is definitely demand for a new Kid Icarus game, but it is too sporadic a franchise to be certain, and if it were to happen, Nintendo would have to find someone new to do it. But, in the end, the series is definitely in a better place now than it was 10 years ago.
Chances: Medium
Legendary Starfy
Legendary Starfy was a 2D platformer for the GBA that was apparently really successful, as it received four sequels in the span of five years. Not only that but, like Barbara and Chibi-Robo, Starfy himself was quite popular. He had cameos in Mario & Luigi and Super Princess Peach, music of the series was in Donkey Konga, he is a regular Assist Trophy in Smash and was a costume in Mario Maker. Though the series took until the last game to come to the West, there were plans to bring the first four games too, as well as consideration for expanding the series to the Wii. The series was widely advertised, with animated commercials and tons of merchandise, including plush dolls, CDs, pencils, birthday balloons, casino cards and two manga series. When asked if there were plans for a sixth game, the developer answered “Yes!”, no ifs, not buts, straight-up Yes.
And then… nothing. The series just stopped. And the reason why is: I have no idea. Maybe if the last game bombed spectacularly, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Sure, Japanese sales declined with each entry, but not by that much. Maybe NA sales weren’t what Nintendo was hoping for, but surely not enough to kill such a steady franchise.
The confusion only grows when we look at its developer, Tose. Now, this is interesting. You’ve probably played a Tose game without knowing. They have worked on over A THOUSAND GAMES, but they never receive credit. They merely assist with development in the shadows. As one exec puts it: "Our policy is not to have a vision. Instead, we follow our customers' visions. Most of the time we refuse to put our name on the games, not even staff names." They are a ghost developer. Even its Wikipedia page admits that the list of games on it is purely speculative. There are probably hundreds more, that we don’t know about.
The only exception is the Starfy series. That series was their vision. So why did they stop? Could they have decided that it was against their vision to make a game of their vision? We can only speculate.
The fact that the series’ end was so unexpected, and its developer so mysterious, means that any speculation about it is a shot in the dark. All I can say is that there’s no particular reason to expect it.
Chances: Not Good
Here’s a big one. Nintendogs was one of the biggest successes of the casual era, on par with Brain Age and Wii Fit, but unlike those, it remained a multi-million seller during the 3DS/WiiU generation. And though Nintendo may have tried, at first, to distance the Switch from that era, the return of Brain Age and Clubhouse Games indicates that other casual games would follow, and Nintendogs would be a no-brainer.
There is, however, one big problem: the Switch does not have a microphone. While Brain Age on the DS also used the microphone a lot, it was not essential to it. You could easily make Brain Age without it. But not Nintendogs. Issuing voice commands to your virtual pup is integral to the experience. No microphone means no Nintendogs.
But with that said, Nintendo did go to the trouble of making a Switch stylus, seemingly just for Brain Age, so maybe they could make a microphone peripheral. Sure, a microphone would be more complex to make than a stylus, but not inconceivable. They did something like that with the Wii Speak. I’m sure for that nintendogs money, Nintendo would do it.
Worst case scenario, Nintendo releases Nintendogs and forces you to use the NSO app’s voice chat to talk with your dog. You know they’d do it.
There’s also the fact that another developer released a nintendogs clone for the Switch last year, but I don’t think Nintendo gives a shit.
Chances: Good
Nintendo Wars
You may know this series better as “Advance Wars” and you may also know that it is fantastic. In fact, it is one of the highest rated Nintendo franchises on Metacritic, and had a pretty consistent release schedule between 1988 and 2008. All was looking pretty god. But unfortunately the series has been dormant since the last entry on DS. Part of it may be because the series, though originally Japan-only, was never all that popular in Japan. In fact, that last game only saw a limited release as a My Nintendo reward in the region.
There is, however, still demand for the series, both externally and internally. Producers from both Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have expressed enthusiastic support for a new entry, although they’ve also expressed some uncertainty on what they’d do with it, similar to the Custom Robo and F-Zero responses.
The developer for the series is Intelligent Systems, who do a ton of stuff and will be discussed multiple times in this post. They used to release multiple games a year, but have slowed down this past game to just one or two games a year, another possible reason why Advance Wars has been deprioritized, especially in comparison with that boogeyman of Advance Wars and Smash Bros fans alike: Fire Emblem. There is real concern that Nintendo might not want to make a new Advance Wars when they could just make the similar but more popular Fire Emblem instead.
That said, IS has already released a Fire Emblem and Paper Mario for Switch, and though we definitely will get at least one more FE during the Switch’s life cycle, there’s enough years left for IS to release some other games, whether they be AW or one of the three other franchises we’ll discuss in the future. Problem is, of those franchises, AW might be the most difficult to produce, and the most risky, so it could probably be lower priority. When asked about the series last year, one IS producer gave a pretty evasive answer, so things aren’t looking too good, but they aren’t hopeless either.
Chances: Medium
Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents
This rhythm series for the DS is widely beloved by those who played it, but its life cycle was pretty limited. One game in 2005, and Americanized version in 2006, and one sequel in 2007. Nothing more since The games were critically acclaimed, but not blockbuster hits.
The series creator said back in 2016 that he would love to create a new game, but nothing else has been said about it. The game’s developer iNis, doesn’t appear to be super active either.
All in all, there is very little pointing to a return
Chances: Bad
The biggest obstacle to seeing this series of arcadey flight sims on the Switch is that the series has a very specific purpose: it’s a tech demo. All three games were launch titles for their systems and explicitly meant to show off each system’s new tech. The original game was made to show off the SNES’ Mode 7, the N64 game was meant to show off the console’s polygonal graphics, and Resort was meant to showcase the 3DS’ stereoscopic 3D. With the Switch’s release far behind us, and its graphics not really needing a showcase, Pilotwings chances seem low. Granted, Pilotwings doesn’t need to be a tech demo, but it could be how Nintendo views it as.
There is some fan demand for it, but not as much as F-Zero or Golden Sun, and no developer has commented on the possibility of a return. Pilotwings has always been moderately successful, but not enough to justify constant releases. The only glimmer of hope is the comment from Nintendo’s CEO about wanting to bring more 3DS franchises for the Switch, but it’s quite possible that he didn’t have Pilotwings in mind when he said that
Chances: Bad
Another series popular enough to get a Smash character but not popular enough for consistent sequels, Punch-Out is a beloved classic with a consistent fanbase, but with a very erratic release schedule. After the SNES game in 1994, the series lay dormant for 15 years until it was revived for the Wii in 2009 and then laid to rest again. One explanation is that the series was never really popular in Japan. Neither the NES or SNES games were even available as full releases in the country, being instead, distributed as prizes or rewards. And though the Wii game got a full retail release, it sold very poorly. It’s always been a game more for Americans, so it is understandable that the Japanese developers at Nintendo aren’t super enthusiastic about it. That said, it was Nintendo who pitched the reboot in the first place, so they may want to do it again someday.
The developer for the Wii game was Next Level Games, who release a game every three or two years, and they also develop Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion. Having already released LM3, it’s likely they’ll release another game for the Switch some time soon. That could be Punch-Out, but it is just as likely that it could be Mario Strikers, or something else entirely.
Some think that the series use of flagrant national stereotypes would impede it from coming back in today’s political climate, but frankly, I don’t think that’s as definitive a problem. Worst case scenario, they simply make a new cast, just like Super Punch Out, but less racially insensitive.
Another interesting development is that Mike Tyson has been talking about wanting a new Punch-Out this year. I don’t think Nintendo cares what he says, and they definitely don’t want to associate with him again, but it is a pretty high-profile person talking about the series, which is bound to raise interest. Whether that’s enough for Nintendo to consider a new game? I don’t think so. But regardless, Punch-Out is popular enough that the door is never truly closed for it.
Chances: Not Good
This acclaimed puzzle game was released for the 3DS eshop in 2012 and was successful enough to get three sequels. Although it hasn’t been seen since 2015, there doesn’t seem to be anything impeding its return. The developer is our good friend Intelligent Systems, and, of the aforementioned IS franchises still to launch on the Switch, Pushmo, being a simple, but beloved, puzzle game, seems like the safest investment. It likely could be developed alongside another major game.
There is demand for it, and considering Nintendo’s eshop efforts, Pushmo would fit in perfectly alongside Snipperclips and fellow 3DS eshop puzzle star Boxboy. All in all, there’s no reason not to expect Pushmo to come back.
Chances: Good
continued in comments
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Memorial Tournament Preview Blog

Since Riggs, Trent, and Frankie have turned their golf positions at Barstool into less blogging and more playing with themselves and selling $50 cases of soda, I decided to take a dull, butter knife stab at a preview blog for this weekend’s Memorial Tournament.
Last Week
Real quick let’s talk about how much we should all hate the PGA after Sunday’s off-air debacle, and then about some questionable feature groups this week. For weather reasons on Sunday, the Workday final round tee times were moved up so players could finish before incoming storms. Great, that all makes sense. But somehow the PGA was not able to broadcast the round on TV, and when they did have to kill the live broadcast, they didn’t even mention where to go watch the rest of the tournament. THERE ARE NO OTHER FUCKING SPORTS ON, WHAT COULD CBS HAVE MADE PRIORITY OVER THIS FINAL ROUND? No seriously, someone please tell me because I would love to know what aired on CBS from 11 am to 3 pm instead of live sports. Can we also talk about how terrible the Thursday/Friday coverage is every weekend on all networks? You usually get 2-4 featured groups you can stream online from 9-3 (even these groups you often need NBC Sports Gold to watch), and then get maybe 3 hours of full coverage in a TV broadcast. There is legitimately a channel called the Golf Channel, who are airing a shitty preview/talk show while you are missing coverage. Here’s a fucking mad idea - put live golf on the golf channel before the major networks get prime coverage.
Then we got a look yesterday at the featured groups for the Memorial. How do you fuck this up? If you are younger than 70 and even sporadically watch golf, you could do this job better than whoever does it for the PGA. Here’s the formula: Brooks Koepka makes a joke about Bryson Dechambeau using steroids one week ago = you put them in the same group. Golf has so little drama because all these guys are friends and making millions of dollars even when they aren’t winning. Fans need these storylines/rivalries to be buffed up, not ignored because they might hurt Bryson's feelings.
This Week
As far as a course preview, we get a strange twist this week with the players coming back to Muirfield, who just hosted the Workday Charity Tournament. I’ve been watching golf for a long ass time and cannot remember the last time this happened, but it’s not a major headline at all so maybe this does happen on occasion. Either way the setup this weekend will look different than last weekend, with much faster greens, thicker rough, and some changes in tee box locations. I think we see some youngeinexperienced players struggle with the change in green speeds, especially since they just played these same greens and they were rolling like carpet (stimpmeter will go from 11 to 13.5). My gut tells me the winner is either a veteran or someone who didn’t play here last week. This would rule out guys like Hovland, Burns, Merritt, Niemann, etc.
Finally, we have to mention that Eldrick Tiger Woods returns to the field this week. I’m looking at his +2000 odds and hate the value because we have no idea where his game is at right now. That being said, Tiger has won the Memorial five times and placed T9 last year, and T23 the year before. I will root for Tiger to win every tournament he enters, but I won’t look at a future for him at these low odds, and for his first post-break golf since The Match.
Now let’s go over wagers this weekend and what you should look for. I am usually not a fan of betting on outright winners, before any golf has been played. The odds always look so good but you will rarely have a profitable year trying to bet winners every week. That being said, here are some of the best value picks IMO.

My pick: once again reiterating I will likely not bet on a Sunday winner before Thursday starts, but if I was I would put my money on Justin Rose +4500 or Xander Schauffele +2500.
Thursday Matchups
Easily the best way to bet on golf, and in my experience the most profitable. Here are a few picks I’ll be making before Thursday. Currently I am 4-2 betting matchups (last 4 PGA events) and I’ll track my picks moving forward. If I get to Jack Mac or Reags level of bad betting, I promise I’ll retire and not pretend I know what I’m talking about. I’m only going to pick matchups in the featured groups for Thursday. Nothing worse than betting on someone like Marc Leishman, and having to refresh the golf cast simulator thing instead of watching live play.
Dechambeau (-115) over Thomas (-105): everything is so planned out and calculated with Bryson, and his sit-out at the Workday feels like a part of his plan. Fucking hate rooting for this kid, but I see him coming in fresh against JT who blew an enormous lead last weekend.
D. Johnson (even) over Morikawa (-120): my favorite first round matchup bet. It seems counter-intuitive going against the guy who won at this course a few days ago, but don’t forget the major change this week will be how the greens roll. And Morikawa is 150th on tour in strokes gained with the putter. Lock it in.
Take a flier - round 1 leader
I don’t think I’ve ever bet this prop but I’ve also never written a golf blog before so let’s take a shot here. I’ll put a half unit on it as well: Rickie Fowler +4000
Rick's finishes at the Memorial the past 3 years: T14, T8, solo 2nd. In 2017 when he placed 2nd, he shot an opening round 66. I also feel like I see him in the mix a lot in early rounds, but can’t quite put together those low weekend rounds.
That’s all I’ve got. Sorry it’s not funny but it’s better content than we’ve gotten out of Foreplay.
Let’s make some money and blow off work Thursday and Friday.
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DKNG - Fundamental DD Part II - DKNG

Not Financial Advice (NFA)
Warning: Wall of Text. If you hate reading just skim through the bolded/italicized
Ever since I publicized my findings on DKNG, the stock has underperformed & probably has fucked a lot of people here, especially given the overly bullish stance back in June. Unless you took my advice & got into Puts then, congrats, welcome to tendie town. For the ADHD retards, here’s what the next wall of text is going to summarize: I believe at the current price of ~$30, the stock is oversold.
A tech-focused, high-growth Company that has made sports betting easy to understand with an aesthetically pleasing interface similar to how Robinhood has neatly laid out stock market gimmicks so even high-schoolers can make sense of it I believe, is underpriced at these levels.
Let’s get into some details as to why the stock has underperformed:
First off, the news slate revolving sports with the rumored delay/cancellation of the MLB season & the NFL watching from the sidelines is in my view, just a part of why the stock has underperformed. We’ll revisit this later in this post, but I want to focus on the drivers of the stock’s recent underperformance, & why these factors are now in the rearview mirror.
Part I – The Past Has Passed – SPAC-related Equity Dilution
History lesson first: DKNG went public via a SPAC merger, which has exploded in popularity recently. Anyone serious about analyzing stocks going forward needs to do their homework on this, Google is your friend.
A feature of most SPAC merger to public listings that creates a headwind to near-term share prices are embedded equity dilution events, usually in the form of earn-outs (stock bonuses to execs, the SPAC sponsor) & conversion of Warrants.
On 5/24, the earn-outs were triggered, adding 6m shares to the share count.
On 6/26, 16.3m warrants converted to DKNG, netting them ~$188m of cash.
Stepping back a little, in addition to the above, on 6/18 DKNG launched a follow-on equity offering of 16M shares @ $40/Share [1], receiving $621M in proceeds.
The last part is tricky to understand from a dilution perspective. To simplify, historically it’s almost a coin toss whether a Company’s shares outperform on the onset of an equity offering. While issuing shares does dilute the existing shareholder base, it theoretically shouldn’t, if the proceeds from the offering are earmarked for investments/projects that yield outsized returns. This is the reality for the long term, theory for the short-term. For the short-term, the ‘reality’ isn’t that the proceeds will be used for investments/projects that yield outsized returns, it is more about how convincing management is to investors that the investments they intend to pursue with the proceeds will outweigh the dilutive effects of issuing incremental shares. That’s a mouthful, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to convey.
All of this stuff put together – the Company has increased its share count by ~39M, but now has a whopping ~$1.4Bn of cash [2]. More on this in the next section.
Part II – MLB News Should Not Fucking Matter & DKNG Is Positioned As the Leading Online/Mobile Sports Platform
DKNG should not be so tied to MLB news or any of this shit as the ongoing success of the NBA/NHL season + Soccer in Europe has effectively created a blueprint on how to regulate player behavior so that they maintain professionalism amidst the pandemic. I’m going out on a whim here, but I truly think the MLB threatening a cancellation of the season is pure posturing to get these fuckers to behave appropriately. Maybe a ‘bubble’ is what it takes to get these players to focus on their jobs instead of going out & contracting COVID, but I argue that isn’t necessarily required given Soccer in Europe. So there’s already a proven path here without the need for a bubble in Soccer, so MLB/NFL should be fine, and execs need to study how they got it done in Europe. Okay, back to some facts.
Anecdotally, I’ve kept in touch with a handful of sports bookies from California to New York & even internationally about what they’re seeing – all of them say that since the NBA season started on 7/30 & since Soccer (especially the Premier League) resumed in June, along with other leagues like La Liga & Serie A, they’ve seen massive increases in betting.
These numbers are also showing up in the official data [3]:
REMEMBER: This is for June only! No NBA, No NHL, No MLB, just Soccer, Golf, NASCAR & UFC.
The data clearly shows that there was a ton of pent-up sports betting demand, which leads one Wall St. analyst to think that betting on the NBA/NHL could ABSORB the MLB’s sports betting handle (handle = total $ size of sports bet) [5]. Remember, the MLB season is still ongoing, with games being played. The entire focus is on the Miami Marlins & St. Louis Cardinals. Fucking retards.
Additionally, I want to remind everyone that is the #1 Fantasy sports website in the U.S. [6]. Also, since April 2020 site visitations are up +86% [7] & Google Search Trends for “Draft Kings” is up ~3x compared to PRE-COVID levels [8]. What does this mean? They are piquing more people’s curiosity than prior to COVID/ongoing slate of sports.
This is important because remember that ~$1.4Bn chest full of cash I mentioned DKNG had assembled earlier? Well, that money is being put to work & results are already coming in, which is exactly what DKNG intended to do with it.
Part III – Legalization of Sports Betting in the U.S.
I could write a fucking bible on this topic alone, but for now we’ll stick to some basics. Due to COVID, it’s easy to understand that each State’s financial situation is clearly in shit. Because of this, you better believe that these guys are going to start taking a hard look at how they can extract additional tax revenues, & what’s one of the easiest ways to do this? Legalization & taxation of gambling.
The big players: CA, TX, FL & NY. First, CA pushing its legislation out to 2023 was fucked up, but here’s a twist I want to add to this: Anything that has to do with gambling in CA you better believe is lobbied against by not just the Tribal casino owners in CA, but by the deep pockets of Las Vegas money. Similar thing can be said for FL, but let’s take a look at some actions by LV/nationwide gambling companies that are starting to align financial incentives with guys like DKNG.
So it’s safe to say going forward, nationwide legalization of sports betting will reap rewards for everyone involved, & no longer be something LV money is completely focused on safeguarding.
Let’s also not forget that DKNG didn’t become the Company they are today because of their fancy app, but because their management team has a HISTORY of navigating the U.S.’s legal framework to get what they want out of it.
These guys are at the cutting edge of creating legal frameworks to successfully launch their products & now with more of their ‘competitors’ financially aligned with them, combined with financial deterioration of State budgets, we should see an overweighting of good news vs. bad on the legal front.
Final Part – Share Price Targets
Under-fucking priced at anything below $42.50
Near-term catalysts:
8/14: DKNG files 2Q’20 results, might be shitty, but you can bet that the Earnings Call is going to contain rhetoric on how massive the uptick in sports betting has been since late June/July.
Sometime from now until November: NY releases ‘study’ by Spectrum Gaming on online/mobile sports betting.
8/20 – 9/7: PGA Championship for FedEx Cup Title
9/5 – KY Derby
9/10: NFL KickOff Game
9/17: PGA U.S. Open Start Date
Month of October: NBA/NHL Playoffs
10/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in TN
11/1: Estimated launch of online sports betting in VA
[2] Wall St. Research – DKNG on 6/29/20
[4]; Note: Nevada did not break out April/May figures but from the Revenue difference of 3 month ended June 30 of 4,950 vs. month of June of 2,297 for a total difference of 2,653 spread evenly over April/May for a base case April estimate of 1,327.
[5] Wall St. Research - 7/27/20
[8] Feb 23-29, 2020 vs. Current Aug 2 – Aug 8, 2020
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AITA for “choosing gambling over my child”

I started gambling in college about 4 or 5 years ago with my friends. Just 10 to 20 bucks here and there on sports I watch. I’m 25 now and have never bet more than $25 dollars on a single game, or more than $150 in a week. Since I started, I’m down $120 all-time. I’m a CPA with a stable high-paying job and no debt. So, $120 is realistically nothing.
But my wife, bless her heart, things my gambling is the worst thing ever. She asks me every week how much I lost, and if we are going to have to sublet our apartment. It’s like, no god damnit, I lost $5.50 this week. About 3 months ago my wife and I got pregnant. Ever since then, her tirade against gambling has magnified. She’s always asking if I’m going to give up gambling when my child is born. I’ve been saving for my child’s college fund since I was 12. I am extremely organized with my finances and career planning. I have no family history of addiction and do not have an addictive personality.
Recently, stuff game to a crisis when Tyler Herro hit a last second three to cover in game 4. My college roommate was at our house, and we went crazy as we just won $20. My wife obviously heard it, and I got a talking to about gambling again. She basically said she really really wants me to give it up because she worries about it every day. I told her I didn’t want to and she’s been upset at me for the past week. I’ve gotten her to admit that she’s being irrational, because she knows I have it under control, have a high paying job and are heavily invested in our family’s future.
From the way I look at it, the money I lose (about 30 dollars a year) is just a hobby expense. I don’t play golf, go out for drinks with friends every night, or any other costly guy hobbies. But my wife really can’t get over it. I suppose giving up gambling with my friends could be the last step in “growing up,” but I just don’t want to. AITA?
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Day 1 My Story.

I keep asking myself how did I get here, but I know exactly how I got to this point. It all started when I was 22, I overheard a couple guys I was playing golf with talking about betting on Arietta and the Cubs. To this point I knew people gambled on sports but I didn’t grow up in that type of home. Occasionally my father would play the squares on a football board or play poker for a few bucks but it wasn’t something I can say I grew up in. That all changed when I started my job at the local country club. If there was a bet for paint to dry these guys would do it. So I watched the Cubs game that night with interest, even though I had no money I watched and they won. I thought wow those guys made money for doing anything. I made my first deposit of $100 onto an offshore account. My first ever bet $20 on the Louisville Clemson Under, and it hit. I was ecstatic, sure it was only $20 but I did nothing to earn that money. This is where my problems started. Over the next few weeks I figured out parlays I hit 3 in two weeks times, for $800 a piece off of a $5 bet. I thought I was rich, I was only 22 so that was a lot of money. Then I discovered the roulette side of things on the online casino. Now this wasn’t my first time with casino gambling. I would take $50 to the local casino and be ok if I lost. My account sat at $2000 in that offshore off of a $50 deposit, and in one day it was all gone off of roulette. I didn’t think much of it I mean it was only $50 lost truthfully. Over the next few years I only would bet on football and basketball I lost some won some but nothing to impact my life. And then it happened. I made another deposit onto an offshore account. Played roulette and was up over $5000 in a week. And within a few hours after I had all these ideas of what I was going to do with the was all gone again. This one stung, I felt like it was just a string of bad luck so I wanted to deposit again and I did that, and guess what lost $200 within the hour. My funds were running low so I went to the worst place you could, a payday company. I couldn’t wait on a normal loan I needed something I could deposit quick and win it back. Well 1 loan turned into 3. Credit cards were all maxed and it was suggested to me that I start to use a local bookie. You don’t need any money to deposit and you get weekly payouts. I thought sure why not. First month I won around $2000. I paid off the loans and some credit cards. My life seemed to be back on track. Then in one weekend I lost my account balance and now owed the local $3000. I came clean to my girlfriend, now wife and she was hurt but helped me. I thought that was it this was the wake up sign. A month later, I was back with a local, I told him I had a problem and to drop my account as it wasn’t I was bad at betting I was just bad at managing money. At least that’s what I told myself. Football starts and first day I owed the local $1500. I called him up asking if he could cancel all bets and I would go into GA, and that this my cost me my upcoming wedding. He agreed and said I needed help. But naturally my friend suggested a new guy, and I was right back to square one. I didn’t lose any money I couldn’t pay small amounts but still never won much. And this continued for another two years up until this last June. I was down $3800 on a Friday; and had no way of paying this. Knowing I couldn’t come clean to my wife or family I felt helpless. I started chasing and got lucky and got below the settle limit for the week. This was a routing for about 2 months. Days and nights spent chasing to get below the settle limit until it happened. I lost $2500 again in a week and didn’t have the means to pay. I have a decent job but so much debt that all my money is gone by the time it comes in. I told my wife I needed the money for a medical bill as I had some work done on my knee, and she helped. So I kept going at it thinking it was just bad luck again. I won $1000 a week ago, and now I lost $1000 in over 6 hours tonight. I’m faced with the decision to chase or not to chase. Telling my wife the truth could very likely end our marriage, but people always say I don’t know where I went wrong. I know where I went wrong, I went wrong from day 1 thinking this is a way to make easy money. Gambling will take everything you have your spouse has and your family has and won’t give anything back. It’s a disease and an addiction that is almost impossible to beat. I have thought the last few years life would be easier for everyone including me without me here. I can’t be that selfish though, I now have two jobs just to get out of debt and work around 80 hours a week. I hope the time at work will keep my mind off gambling. I’ve always personally love the numbers part of gambling and honestly speaking never had an issue I felt when I was making deposits and doing just sports. I have a desire to get back to that with sports betting going legal soon in my state but it’s something I don’t know if I want to be apart of. I want to be done with the bookies, the offshore casinos, and honestly gambling in any way. But I just don’t know where to start.
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The Power Of Lure: Achieve A 12 Minute CEO Run (One Year Anniversary) (Part III)

Thanks for reading the TLDR. Due to concerns proposed by fellow Redditors, I have decided to implement the changes for Parts III~V.

Part III: Major Concerns Continued
Chapter 6: The One Fog Risk, Continued
Major Concern II: But I use One Fog Rule and foghorns/trunks are saved! This entire book/post is a lie!
At the 9:25~9:33 mark, everybody runs out of foghorns thanks to “One Fog Rule”. Somebody is forced to use a level 7 (Wedding), while one decides to use a sound unite. An opera and a fire is used. Furthermore, Moe Zart, or 5 star sound is used.
Wedding Usage: 6:40
Fire Usage: 6:40
Opera Usage: 9:28
Sound Unite: 10:05
Moe Zart: 10:52
And the real kicker? Round 1 starts at 0:45 and ends at 15:24 (Dancing Included). The CEO took 14:39 minutes despite all the rewards used!
The team is forced to use lure and toonup at 6:15 after the dog only has 29 out of 105 laff left. Bossbots have high accuracy: See 5:46~6:05. Every single attack hits. (Sound missed) The cogs attacked everybody except for the mouse.
It can be theorized that the dog decreased to 29HP due to the fact that the mouse demanded, “Only one foghorn per turn” at 1:14. The team refused to use toonup until the 6:15 mark as well, possibly in a bid to “Save time.”
The team is forced to lure at the 7:25 mark and 11:34 mark as well. While toonup and lure were used in more parts other than 7:25 and 11:34, the 7:25 mark proves to be significant: The juggling ball in 6:15 wasn’t enough. As for 11:34, the cat is forced to toonup to bring the team to full HP, possibly to compensate for the cog attacks. Overall, this video provides concrete evidence on the inefficiency of One Fog Rule.
Need I say more? The team is forced to lure and toonup at the 5:49 mark. And check 11:11 as well.
7:11 Mark: Monkey’s fog supply runs out.
7:52 Mark: Duck’s fog supply runs out. (Confirmed at 9:23)
9:56 Mark: Cat’s fog supply runs out. (Confirmed at 10:17)
10:25 Mark: Mouse’s fog supply runs out.
I could have used more video evidence, but I hope my point is clear. One Fog Rule is an unsustainable strategy.

Major Concern III: Can you prove your strategy is time efficient?
Sure. Let’s take a look at the following statistics.
Toonup Animation:
Lure Animation:
Sound Animation:
Throw Animation:
Squirt Animation:
Cog Death: 7 seconds
Please do note animation times for all offensive gags start with the toon pulling out the specified gag, and end just before the cog dies (Which adds 7 seconds for extra animation) or the cog pauses to pull out an attack.
For lure gags, the animation starts with the toon pulling out the gag, and ending with the cog being fully lured. For toonup, the animation starts with the toon pulling out the gag, and ending when the toon goes back to his/her original position.

Let’s take a look at the row of 11s (Cheeses or Raiders) when “One Fog Rule” is used.
Round 1: 1 Fog + 3 Trunks
Round 2: Fog + 3 Trunks
Round 3: 3 Aoogahs + Toonup
GRAND TOTAL: 74 sec~104 sec

Now look at the “2 Storm Strategy” for the row of 11s. (Cheeses or Raiders)
Round 1: Lure, Tu, and 2 pass
Round 2: 2 storms each
Round 3: Lure, Tu, and 2 pass
Round 4: 2 storms each
Round 5: Aooaghs
Grand Total: 83 seconds
Isn’t that much faster? Plus, the 2 storm strategy ensures lure accuracy is increased to 95% by the aid of toonup. You can also save foghorns and trunks as well!

Now time for the row of 12s with “One Fog Rule”. (W/aoogah)
Round 1: 1 Fog + 3 Trunks
Round 2: 4 Aoogahs
Round 3: 1 Fog + 3 Trunks
Round 4: 3 Aoogahs + Toonup

Time for the 2 Cake Strategy for 12s.
Round 1: Lure, Tu, and 2 pass
Round 2: 2 cakes each
Round 3: Lure, Tu, and 2 pass
Round 4: 2 cakes each
Round 5: Aooaghs
Grand Total: 83 seconds
83 seconds vs 100 seconds… The cake strategy is superior: No foghorns and trunks are spent, and lure accuracy is increased with toonup.

Major Concern IV: But Version 2.0 cogs have high health. Using one foghorn per round is smart.

Major Concern V: Bossbots only target one toon. Why use your strategy?
We can’t always guarantee that each cog focuses their attack on one toon. Whether they focus their attacks on one toon or not, both situations are terrible. Let me explain.
When Bossbots target one toon, people believe the attacks are “Shared”. However, just because one attack missed on a toon does not mean the other attacks miss on the rest of the group. The accuracy calculations vary from toon to toon. Even if all four Level 11 Raiders use Power Ties on one toon, (Meaning all four toons are attacked) some toons may get hit while others remain unscathed by the attacks.
A fact to consider: Even if the attacks are “Shared”, note that Bossbots have high accuracy, especially Level 11 Raiders using Power Tie and Level 12 Cheeses using Glower Power. High accuracy means toons are more likely to get hit by the said attack, meaning damage can stack quickly. This is especially the case if the team skipped toonup when they practiced “One Fog Rule” for 11s and 12s (Or both!) because “It takes too much time.” This leads to multiple toonup gags (e.g. Juggling) used, further consuming time.
If Bossbots manage to focus their attacks on a few toons, the chances of the targeted toons dodging both attacks is fairly low. And teams, upon facing 2 or more members getting damaged, will most likely call for 2 toonup.
Guess what happens if they decide to skip the process because “It takes too much time?” That’s right. The damage ends up stacking, leading to toonup. And the cycle repeats itself. At the worst case, the team may have to call for 3 juggling balls and lure on the next cog wave. Terrible.
Here is evidence that Bossbots can focus their attacks on a few toons.
Evidence I:

Evidence II:

Major Concern VI: Lure is training in CEO. Furthermore, soundless CEO Runs are slow.
There are always trolls, or bad toons, who decide to train their low level trap (E.g. Marble/Quicksand) on full HP cogs, especially the hard cog waves. However, as Clandestine stated in Part I, I did not choose to train my trap in there.
What I find deeply disturbing is the fact that some people claim “Luring in CEOs is training, and slows down the team.” Yet they fail to recognize by using “One Fog Rule” on 11s and 12s, the team is forced to slow down because of cog attacks and toonup animations.
Let’s take a step back and imagine a VP Battle. Your team is facing a row of 12s.. But you are the only person with ONE foghorn left. Do you decide to use “One Fog Rule” because “We can save sound?”
The answer is a NO! You quickly realize that sounding results in all four Hollywoods attacking, leading to wasted time from cog animations and toonup animations.
Now back to CEOs. Luring should not be considered as training: Luring prevents cogs from attacking, and grants lure bonus and team bonus.
Contrary to popular belief, soundless CEO Runs are not slow. Here is an all soundless CEO Run that cleared the first cog round in 13.8 minutes without the aid of Level 7s, SOS Cards, unites, and fires.
The reason why they FEEL slow is because even with a soundless, the Fog + 2 Trunk + Cake strategy on a row of 12 is used. Why is that, you ask yourself.

Deeply disturbing answer: After talking to several soundless toons, they told me that while there were more efficient ways to take out the row of 12s without following One Fog + 2 Trunk + Cake Rule, (And without using rewards!) they did not want to confuse the team or enrage them.
This is very shocking. It really goes to show how toxic the TTR Community can be towards soundless toons. I can’t blame the soundless toons for being afraid to rally the team to try a more efficient strategy: They’ve been bullied, teased, and threatened by some sound-spamming elitists who demand “One Fog Rule” in CEO Runs. They believe “One Fog Rule” is the superior strategy: Lure is not tolerated, and ONE FOG is their LIFE. Such toons hang on to “One Fog Rule” as if their entire life depended on it.
Don’t believe me? I encountered a group of such elitists in a CEO back in around 2019 November 8~12. At the time, I was a Downzier, and suggested to the group that “Let’s try a carry over strategy (Not 1 Fog Rule).” Big mistake.
Also, the lure strategy was still in development: At the time, I relied on lure left kill right strategies for 11s and 12s. And yes, I did check my math a couple times to ensure what I was doing was correct.
The elitists purposely ignored the strategy and criticized me that “Sound was not saved”. Cake and storm ran out during Round 1, and I was forced to pull out my level 7s to make the run smoother. The elitists acted CONFUSED when I PULLED UP MY LEVEL 7, (“You said no 7s lol”) WHEN THEY PURPOSELY IGNORED MY STRATEGY!
I could go on a rant, but you get the message. This issue will be expanded upon Chapter 7, where I expose the hypocrisy of some toons. (Names not used.)

Major Concern VII: Arrgh, this post is too long. Anyways, what about throwless and squirtless toons! Hah! I bet your strategy can’t adjust to them!

Chapter 7: Hypocrisy And One Fog Rule
At one point or other during our lives, we all have encountered bad moments that stuck to us permanently. The same principle applies to TTR: We all have encountered terrible experiences with toxic toons. Bad boss run experiences, especially CEOs, seem to be common nowadays.
Just like you, I have encountered terrible CEO experiences. Carefully consider the CEO story (Does not make up all of my terrible CEO experiences) mentioned below. Can you try to guess the point?
Story: I was in a Back 9 with a 130+ laff cream cat, along with 2 other toons, sometime around April~May of 2020. Before the Back 9 Run suggested, I asked the team for a “45 minute Back 9.” They seemed OK with it. The cream cat ESPECIALLY wanted a speedrun.
The run goes well until we reach the 7th~8th floor. In order to achieve the speedrun, I quickly selected gags at each cog battle. I tried my best to finish the cog golf as fast as possible.
However, the cream cat was ANNOYED that I kept selecting gags quickly. “Calm down duck, it’s just a game lol”. Despite my pleas, the cat refused to believe we were in the 37~42 minute mark. Worse, the cat waited down the timer for some turns and told me to “Get a life”.

6~8 months earlier... (To the Back 9)
I joined the CEO Group at Toon HQ. Upon arrival, something felt weird at the CEO Group. I tapped into my observational skills and concluded that:
When everybody was ready, I suggested to the team that “We should try a carry over strategy in CEO.” Note that this was when my lure strategy was in infancy stages, and I did not feel too confident in asking CEO groups to try new strategies.
One of the cats, a cream cat, appeared confused. “But we use One Fog Rule all the time!” I explained to her that we were going to lure on some cog waves in CEO.
However, the cat was extremely skeptical. “One Fog Rule gives carry over”. I reassured her that foghorns would be saved with the new strategy, and that it had been tried once before with success.
On top of all this, I promised that my strategy did not require level 7s, SOS Cards, unites, and fires to function: If I did break the promise, I was to use a sound unite for the entire team after Round 1. The cat was FINALLY sold.
But impending doom was near: Nobody made a comment about the new strategy. One of the black cats appeared extremely silent the whole time.

My side faces the 9-9-12-9 set and clears it without any concerns. However, after some time, the mix of 11s and 12s started to arrive.
“3 storms on the level 11 at the right?” I suggest. Against my commands, one dog decides to pull out a DOODLE. (YES, A DOODLE) Even worse, my team starts targeting random cogs. Arrgh.
“I’m so confused” replies one of the cats. “Yeah, this strategy is ineffective” says a dog… WHO PULLED OUT THIS DANG DOODLE! “Exactly, let’s use One Fog Rule” replies another dog.
Of course you’re confused, I wanted to say. Because you’re being a hypocrite!
Over the course of the CEO, I tried initiating the strategy. However, the more I tried to do so, the more the team resisted my efforts. The team tried ignoring my instructions by passing at random intervals, pulling out Doodles, hitting random cogs, and purposely underkilling cogs.
Eventually, I was forced to pull up my level 7s. “To make the run smoother.” I explained.
However, the team was even more confused, to my anger and to my dismay. “I thought you said no 7s lol” said a cat. Arrgh. The hypocrisy...

In the end, everybody ran out of foghorns, trunks, cakes, and storms. I’m not joking. While all of this mess (Including me sacrificing some of my level 7s) was happening, the team kept demanding that “One Fog Rule” was superior. Since when? I wanted to fire back.
To make matters worse, the other side practiced One Fog Rule (Even for full 12s, if memory serves.) and finished faster than our side. The cream cat asked our side, “So how did the new strategy go?”
The team responded it was “Terrible”, and that “They wished to never try it again.” I spoke up and tried exposing the hypocrisy: A dog was using his doodle 24/7 while my team underkilled some cogs.
However, I was yelled at by the majority of the team. Further explaining my position on Round 3 resulted in deadlier consequences: “Stop it, you’re ruining my Friday Night!” yelled out one black cat.
Long story short, the CEO did not end well. I was told to shut up by multiple toons. And get this…
A duck in Round 3 asks “Was golfing fixed on TTR?” The others quickly respond, saying “Yes.” After the duck thanked the toons, I saw MULTIPLE TOONS replying with a smiley face: ( :) )
My stomach churned. How dare they! How dare the CEO elitists who demanded “One Fog Rule” switched their attitude towards another toon? And why are the elitist blaming ME for ruining THEIR Friday Night, when THEY kept ignoring instructions! This was too much for me to handle!

A few days after the CEO…
I met the same cream cat AGAIN. I tried suggesting to team if lure was acceptable, but the cream cat said “NO”. The cream cat, who had not tried my strategy, heard bad reviews from HER friends who FAILED to listen to instructions. (End Story)
Imagine that! Let’s use a real life situation to illustrate the severity of this situation.
An “All A” Student tells you efficient study methods. He has years of experience to back it up. “Try (Insert Method). Maybe for one month?”
However, you try taking shortcuts (e.g. His strategy may have required 2 hours of effort, but you quit after 10 minutes.) to make it “Easier”. You also think “You know better”, justifying your actions. You quit after one week, and complain to the student, “Your method sucks, cya later!”
Do you feel disgusted yet? That’s exactly how I felt upon receiving the cat’s response.
I ought to clarify the fact that this is the same 130+ laff cream cat I saw in a back 9 later on, and in a CEO before. I later learned that I ended up in an extremely unlucky situation: I had somehow stumbled across an elite group of toons (e.g. The toons who are afk at Cashbot HQ or control multiple high toons) who just wanted to do the CEO.
In case you were wondering what the “Theme” of the story was, it shows the hypocrisy of some toons in TTR.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen toons claim “One Fog Rule is superior to any other strategy” when they purposely underkilled cogs (e.g. Using storm and hose on a level 11, despite orders to use 2 storms) and then stating that they were “Confused”. This is usually followed by, “Why are we wasting valuable level 6s?” Well, at least you’re not wasting your foghorns by spamming One Fog Rule, are you?
When foghorns and trunks are not saved due to orders being ignored, they are quick to point out that the strategy is “Unsustainable” and that trying out new CEO strategies “Makes no sense” and “Will always fail”. The latter two phrases have been said by a couple toons I have encountered in CEOs, most notably a red mouse just days after posting “A Further Explanation Of One Fog Carry Hybrid”. Note that the mouse did not read the post (“It’s too boring lol”) yet had the nerve to criticize me in such a way.

And finally, to toons who would like to yell the following phrases at my face, I would like to answer your complaints/concerns.

Concern: “You take the game too seriously.”
Concern 2: “You should get a life.”
Concern 3: “You sound like a cog.”
Concern 4: “Pfft, I did a One Fog Rule CEO in 11 min!”

Chapter 8: History Of “One Fog Spam”
The long-lasting tradition of “One Fog Rule” has lasted for many years. “One Fog Rule” is arguably one of the most commonly used strategies in CEO Runs.
According to Toontown Wiki, Bossbot HQ was test-resealed on January 6, 2008. It was released publicly on March 6, 2008.
On the same day of public release, the Dogfather created a CEO Guide for toons entering CEO Runs. The Dogfather suggested “One Fog Rule” was to be used in CEO Runs. He argued that due to the sheer amount of HP Version 2.0 cogs possess, we should use “One foghorn per round.” He recommends using “1 Fog” for sets even containing three level 12 cogs.
The Dogfather must have marketed his strategy well, since his “One Fog” strategy remained virtually unchallenged for over 11.5 years.
As his strategy became more and more accepted, “One Fog” became the norm for CEOs. While there has been minor adjustments over the course of years, the general principle remains the same: “One Fog for 11s.”
Compared to TTO, not all teams demand “One Fog” for a row of 12s. On the contrary, teams either use their rewards, lure the set, or use 3 foghorns on the cog wave.
Teams are also divided when it comes to the 9-12-12-9 set. Some toons wish to use 1 fog 2 trunks assisted by cake, while others prefer to use “One Fog Rule”.
The same applies for 9-12-12-12 as well. I have seen teams who wanted to use 3 foghorns on the cog wave. Some groups prefer to use the Fog + 2 Trunk + Cake Strategy, while others prefer “One Fog Rule”.
During 2008~2019, there were people who wanted to speak out against “One Fog Rule”. The people who dared speak out were immediately criticized and shut down. Take a look at the following Reddit Post. While the person is OK with using “One Fog Rule” on the 9-12-12-9 wave, he argues that restricting the team to “One Foghorn per turn” is slow: The cogs attack, causing long animation times. He also notes “One Fog” encourages mindless sound spam.
Up until mid-2019, (Where I decided to consider luring for CEOs) nobody has made a concerted effort to try to spread an alternative strategy other than “One Fog Rule”.
However, times are changing. Have hope. The next part tells you on HOW TO GET STARTED with the lure strategies! Lessons such as dealing with failure are included! And do not fear: You’ll see how the lure strategy can be applied to wonky cog waves such as the 10-11-12-12 set!
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Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Jul. 23 - encore from Jan. 15, 1990

Let's meet today's contestants:
Frank was in complete control all the way, betting strongly on both DDs in DJ and rolling into FJ with $20,500 vs. $5,200 for Murdock and $500 for Barbara.
DD1 (audio), $400 - FAMOUS FAMILIES - Michael d'Abo, father of Olivia on "The Wonder Years", was lead singer of the following group: "Come all without /Come all within /You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn" (Murodck lost $1,000 from his score of $1,400)
DD2, $800 - THE OLD WEST - In 1849 the Army took over Fort Laramie, Wyoming, to protect the wagon trains on this trail (Frank won $4,000 from his total of $7,700.)
DD3, $800 - EDUCATION - In 1896, the Supreme Court used this oft-quoted phrase to describe acceptable segregation (Frank won $7,000 from his score of $13,300.)
FJ - U.S. PRESIDENTS - Of the 1st 7 presidents, only these 2 were not re-elected
Frank and Barbara were correct on FJ. Frank added $10,100 for a one-day record of $30,600 and a five-day record of $102,597 (the amount over $75,000 went to charity). At $5,000 in second place, Murdock gets a a Broyhill 6-piece bedroom suite, while at $850, Barbara departs with a Casablanca ceiling fan.
Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew the term used for 1 stroke over par in golf that "Lauren Bacall could tell you" is bogey.
This day in Trebekistan: Note that instead of declaring the game a runaway for Frank, Alex explained that win or lose, Frank would not return, but Barbara or Murdock would be back if they won the game. Perhaps this was because Frank had surpassed the winnings limit and was leaving no matter what, so there was a real chance he would bet an amount that would put victory at risk.
Judging the judges: They would not accept "Sgt. Pepper", pausing until Murdock gave the full name of the album, even though it was referred to as "Sgt. Pepper" in a 1988 clue.
Correct Qs: DD1 - What is Manfred Mann? (Note: Manfred Mann was a member of the band, but not the singer.) DD2 - What is the Oregon Trail? DD3 - What is seperate but equal? FJ - Who were John Adams and John Quincy Adams?
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Forretress: Championship-Winning Pokémon (A Comprehensive PvP Analysis)

With apologies to the band "Dead Or Alive", let's have a musical intro!
🎶 All I know is that to me,
♭ You look like you're lots of fun!
♬ Spinning, spinning, while you farm
♭ Watch out here it comes!
🎶 You spin me right round, Forret
♫ Right round, take me into orbit
♭ Circle Worlds round round
🎶 You spin me right round, Forret
♬ Right round, like a record, tore it
♭ Open at Worlds now....
So this past weekend was easily one of the most exciting and rewarding yet for fans of Pokémon GO PvP, as the second season of The Silph Arena concluded with an action-packed World Championship round robin tournament between the final four competitors. Now if you are not particularly a fan of The Arena, don't just tune this out... I HIGHLY recommend you check out the recording of the livestream. If you enjoy PoGO PvP play in any form, even if you've only ever done GO Battle League or battles with friends, I promise you, you will still enjoy the clips. This is the pinnacle of PvP play, and it was an absolute delight to see the best of the best going at it with teams resembling something you would actually see in GBL. Check it out if you haven't already... you won't be disappointed, I guarantee it.
But this is not a promo for The Arena. 😄 I'm here because in chat during the tournament, in discussion servers since, and even in private messages directly to me, everyone is suddenly asking about the mascot Pokémon of the championship winning team that was a key part of carrying SpeediestChief to victory in Continentals AND at Worlds... and that Pokémon is Forretress. And so today, in honor of Speediest's impressive sweep and to directly address all those many questions, we're going to take a comprehensive look at this surprising superstar and examine its merits in open PvP (read as: GO Battle League). Does this Spinning Golf Ball Of Doom have a place? I believe the answer is "yes", but of course the devil is always in the details. So let's dive in!


Bug/Steel Type
Attack: 111 (109 High Stat Product)
Defense: 142 (144 High Stat Product)
HP: 128 (132 High Stat Product)
(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-9-15, 1500 CP, Level 25.5)
There are many Steely Bugs in the game now, but it's easy to forget that Forretress and Scizor used to be the only ones we had at all. Their arrival in GO was exciting at the time, with their long list of resistances--Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Steel, Bug, and double resistances to Poison and Grass--and only a single weakness (a double vulnerability to Fire damage). In a way, this puts Steel Bug on par with the infamous Mud Boys, who also have but a single (albeit 2x) weakness to be exploited and stand up pretty well to most everything else.
Forret also has bulk akin to some of the more famous Mud Boys, roughly equal to both Whiscash and Quagsire overall. (Lower HP than both, but also significantly higher Defense, so it all basically evens out in the end.) As we'll see in a moment with a look at Forret's moves, Forretress is not as spammy as, say, Whiscash with its blindingly fast Mud Shot/Mud Bomb combo, Forret can hang in there just about as long, or often longer thanks to having nearly twice as many resistances. There's a reason its name is so close to "fortress"!
We're off to a good start, with Forret having both favorable typing AND a very favorable PvP stat spread... high bulk with enough Attack to still do some work. Let's see what it has to work with....
Fast Moves:
Bug Bite (Bug, 3.0 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 0.5 CoolDown)
Struggle Bug (Bug, 3.0 DPT, 2.67 EPT, 1.5 CD)
So the choice here is rather obvious... it's Bug Bite or bust. Struggle Bug is just worse in every way... slower, no better in damage, and less energy gain. You could say that trying to use it is a... struggle. 😅
Bug Bite is a very "blue collar" move... it doesn't do anything complicated, doesn't "wow" you, but it reliably puts in good work day in and day out. The game NEEDS moves like Bug Bite: average performers that trail other options in their typing, but also make you appreciate "average" in comparison to other lackluster moves. You know how Water Gun applies consistent pressure with things like Rainy Castform and Blastoise, and Lick builds up to moves for Snorlax and Munchlax sufficiently enough to make their Body Slams feel spammy? Well Bug Bite is an exact clone of each of those moves (save for typing, of course). It has exactly average damage output and energy generation, but the fact that it does both acceptably and doesn't sink below 3.0 in either makes it a fine move. Nothing to make any headlines, but good enough.
So a quick note on what being a Bug move means, especially since the only Bug damage Forretress can do is with its fast moves. Bug moves have a reputation of being generally poor, and one can see why by looking at the things that resist it: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Poison, Steel, Ghost, AND Fairy. Ouch, that is a long list. But what people miss, I think, is what Bug is super effective against. Grass is well documented, but also Psychic AND Dark, making Bug the only type in the game that hits both of those super effectively. And THAT has value when you consider the number of impactful Darks and Psychics AND Grasses around. And fortunately, Forret has some charge moves that help make up for those resistances too....
Charge Moves:
Mirror Shot (Steel, 35 damage, 35 energy, 30% Chance to Decrease Opponent Attack -1 Stage)
Sand Tomb (Ground, 25 damage, 40 energy. Decreases Opponent Defense -1 Stage)
Heavy Slam (Steel, 70 damage, 50 energy)
Rock Tomb (Rock, 70 damage, 60 energy)
Earthquake (Ground, 120 damage, 65 energy)
Return (Normal, 130 damage, 70 energy)
I bet most of you had no idea that humble little Forretress had such a wide array of charge moves. Prior to Speediest's big run, Forret's last moment of really being in the spotlight was at the tail end of The Silph Arena Season 1... and Season 2 just wrapped up. And back then it was basically stuck with Earthquake and either Heavy Slam or Rock Tomb... aka, no real bait potential. You basically just hoped Forret could hang in there long enough to reach a couple charge moves or Bug Bite something down, usually Grasses in the Cups where it made a splash thanks to its double resistance.
These days, though, Forret packs not one, but TWO potential bait moves with built-in stat reducers that can swing the game in your favor even when they're blocked. Sand Tomb comes with a guaranteed nerf to the opponent's Defense, which is fantastic on 'mons with high damage fast moves (Torterra and its Razor Leaf being a shining example of how brutal Sand Tomb's nerf can be), though perhaps not quite so much with Forret's average Bug Biting. It also shares a typing with generally preferred secondary move Earthquake, providing no additional coverage with its damage output. Perhaps more interesting--and the bait move selected by SpeediestChief--is Mirror Shot, which probably needs little introduction for anyone that has faced the incredibly annoying (sorry sorry, bias showing through there... but I HATE facing this 'mon! 🤬) Magnezone in GO Battle League. Not only is it a decent little bait move, tied for cheapest charge move in the game at only 35 energy, but it at least deals some damage, and of a useful typing: Steel. That means that despite Bug Bite being resisted, straight spamming of Mirror Shot gives Forretress wins over every Charmer in Great League, including Wigglytuff, Clefable, Gardevoir, and Togekiss (which DOUBLE resists Bug Bite and resists Forret's Ground moves as well). Mirror Shot also aids against Ghosts that resist Bug Bite, such as Froslass (who is actually weak to Mirror Shot's Steel typing) and Sableye. And while Bug Bite alone is not quite enough to do in very bulky things weak to it, like Umbreon and Defense Deoxys, the extra chip damage from Mirror Shot flips both Umbry and DD to wins. Heck, it even very nearly beats the likes of Altaria, Dewgong, and Lapras (and that last one can flip to at least a tie with good IVs on Forretress). In fairness to Sand Tomb, it shares several of those same wins (and uniquely can beat Ferrothorn), but Sand Tomb doesn't get Sableye or Froslass and only barely beats the others Mirror Shot wins, especially versus the Charmers... WAY too close for any kind of comfort! Mirror Shot seems a better move overall, being both cheaper than Sand Tomb and having a more useful typing.
So then, as mentioned above, the "standard" second move to run on Forret after that is Earthquake. It lacks STAB, but it's just a very good move for the cost and a nice "catch all" that hits all the things that resist Bug Bite for at least neutral damage except for Flying, and hits three of the four typings that resist Mirror Shot (Steel, Fire, and Electric) not just neutrally, but super effectively (the fourth, Water, is hit for neutral). Putting it all together, Bug Bite and Earthquake combine to hit everything that isn't Flying for at least neutral damage, and Mirror Shot can chunk Flyers (as seen with Altaria above) well enough to at least maim them on the way out.
So putting that all together shows a potentially godly performance in Great League that probably has folks saying louder than ever "why doesn't anyone run Forretress in GBL!?!". You'll see Dewgong and Lapras flip to full-on wins, as well as Ferrothorn and other Steels Bastiodon, Melmetal, and Galaraian Stunfisk, plus regular Stunfisk and fellow Electric type Alolan Raichu, and even bulky Munchlax and Whiscash. The big caveat--and the reason that Forretress hasn't popped up left and right--is that many of those wins I just listed require baiting a shield with Mirror Shot and then sneaking an Earthquake through unshielded. Not ALL are that way, though. Forret's bulk allows it to hang around to actually perform decently enough without any baiting at all (just straight Earthquakes), still getting Grasses and Charmers and big Psychics (Cress, Hypno, AhChu) and Darks (Umbreon and Zweilous), and really, that's not a bad group and would have been good enough to STILL earn a spot on SpeediestChief's winning team based on several of those listed being key pieces of opposing teams (especially his eventual opponent in the final match: Ventuski, with his Hypno, Umbreon, AND Venusaur all being directly countered by Forret without the need to bait). All that said, though... yes, Forretress can do several very good things with just Mirror Shot or even with just Earthquake, but to truly excel requires the proper and precise application of both, and THAT requires logging some practice time. BB/MS/EQ Forret represents the most ideal Forret available, which is why the Silph Arena Season 2 champion rolled with that himself, but it's more of a scalpel than a machete. There are some things it can just bowl over, but it's much better used only by someone who knows--REALLY knows--what they are doing. If you want to utilize it when Great League returns to GBL, then don't wait... start practicing now!
And just for comprehensiveness, I checked out #1 IV Forret and there are no new wins, just more effective wins against much of what "default" Forret already beats. And as for alternate shielding situations...
We aren't quite done, though. I know what some of you are already asking: what about Shadow Forretress? Weeeeeeeell... it's worth pointing out that Shadow Forret can take out Registeel on the strength of its boosted Earthquake, and beats Dewgong with notably more breathing room, but overall, it's not a great picture, honestly. Shadow Forret cannot reliably overcome Whiscash, either Stunfisk, Sableye, Melmetal, or Froslass, all things that normal Forretress is able to pull off. And Shadow Forret is not appreciably better in shieldless or 2v2 shielding scenarios either (really dropping off in those 2v2s, potentially gaining Medicham, which is good, but dropping the Charmers, the Stunfisks, Umbreon and Whiscash, which are all very bad). Shadow Forretress may give the opponent pause, but really, you're probably better off with regular ol' Forret in Great League.
But there's still more, as there are a couple other moves to consider, at least briefly. What of ol' reliable Heavy Slam, the cheapest move Forret had in days of yore when it was making a bit of a name for itself in early Silph Arena play? Well, perhaps the easiest way to tackle this one is to directly compare it to the other Steel move, Mirror Shot. So starting with the standard 1v1 shielding matchups, Heavy Slam shows a unique win against Air Slash Tropius... but uh, that's it. Mirror Shot matches all of its other wins, beats things like Venusaur and Zweilous and Meganium and Abomasnow with 30+ more HP remaining (and never trails Heavy Slam by more than 14 HP in shared wins), and tacks on the already-noted win against Sableye. And as the final nail in the case for Heavy Slam, it simply does not have anywhere near the same "ceiling" as does Mirror Shot when paired with Earthquake... it just cannot set up Quake nearly as well as Mirror Shot can. I don't see much of a case for Heavy Slam Forret anymore, honestly.
We already kinda looked at Sand Tomb, but just a reminder that it offers nothing in terms of unique coverage, and therefore does okay with Earthquake, with a win over Registeel to its name, but Mirror Shot can get Munchlax, Dewgong, and that Sableye win that keeps popping up instead, and almost always comes out of wins with more remaining HP than does Sand Tomb. I really think you're better off with the coverage, speed, and slightly better chip damage of Mirror Shot.
That just leaves the long-forgotten Rock Tomb. The clearest case for it is obviously protection against Flyers, giving it a tie with Altaria, as an example, while it DOES still hold most Grasses, Psychics, and Darks you care about as well. But it does absolutely nothing to help Earthquake, and while you CAN just replace Quake with it and try to bait it out with Mirror Shot, there is really no appreciable difference between that and just going straight Rock Tomb. You still only manage to tie--not defeat--Altaria, for example. Rock Tomb is even very disappointing with shields down, getting Mantine but STILL failing to take down Altaria or other notable Flyers. Booooo.
And I won't blast you with all the sims, but yes, I did again look at Shadow Forret with each of these, and no, it really isn't any better. No crazy edge cases here that make these other moves work... sorry!
So, the final FINAL thing I'll look at: what about Ultra League? Yes, Forret tops out below 2300 CP, but there are some Pokémon in that range that still find a way to compete at that level. Can the Golf Ball Of Doom join their company? Well, it's at least viable. It still chews through all the Grasses, including Ferrothorn now, as well as Charmers (well, aside from Togekiss that just out-tanks those Mirror Shots at this level of play). Forret can still beat Cresselia and Lapras, beats Melmetal, beats fellow Steely Bug Scizor, and can take out Ice Fang Feraligatr, Armored Mewtwo (even with Dynamic Punch), and Alolan Muk as well, and can outlast Shadow Snorlax too (no matter how S-Lax plays it). It's not a super expansive body of work that catches your eye, but I think that kind of performance could fit very well on some teams.
Okay, yes, that's finally it. I'm done rambling now! I did say "comprehensive" when I kicked this all off, if you remember. 😁 Here's your TL;DR: Forretress is a tanky little guy in Great League that terrorizes Grasses, Charmers, Psychics, Ices, the big Darks, and even both Stunfisks. It very much has a place in Great League, but requires some degree of finesse and experience to achieve peak potential. If you're looking for something different and surprisingly potent when Great League returns to GBL, give Forret a...well, a spin! It even makes a case in Ultra League, carving out a niche role, but a very good niche role that could fit like a glove on teams weak to Grass, Psychic, Charm, and even some Steels and Ices.
As always, the simulated battles above from my go-to simming resource at are a good start to the story, but they are certainly not the whole story. Run some sims yourself, try out Forretress in GBL yourself, and please: discuss! I always love to hear your feedback and any discussions that come out of these deeper dives.
Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope this and my other writings are able to help you in your own PvP journey!
Until next time, you can always find me on Twitter for near-daily PvP analysis nuggets or Patreon if you want to reach me more directly.
Good luck out there, and stay safe, Pokéfriends!
submitted by JRE47 to TheSilphRoad [link] [comments]

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